A Mailbag With Bill Simmons and Pete Aronson on Breaking Into the Entertainment Industry and ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ | Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air
1 hr 45 min
Larry Wilmore is joined by Bill Simmons to answer some mailbag questions, including why Kamala Harris dropped out of the presidential race (5:47) and what he wishes he had known when he started writing (31:44). Then, Larry sits down with the executive vice president of programming and production at AMC, Pete Aronson, to talk about how he got his start in the industry (39:46), and Larry tells the story of why he got let go from ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ (1:24:36).

Host: Larry Wilmore
Guests: Bill Simmons and Pete Aronson
Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt
Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt
63: Senator Chris Dodd & Stephen Fowler
It’s the election that never seems to end, but with President-Elect Biden putting together a cabinet and Trump’s legal challenges floundering across the country, Al and James are looking ahead to 2021.  Georgia maven Stephen Fowler (https://twitter.com/stphnfwlr?lang=en) joins the show to discuss the facts on the ground and his expectations for the Senate races there.  Then Senator Chris Dodd (https://twitter.com/senchrisdodd) comes on to share his optimism for the Biden administration and his surprising hopes for bi-partisanship between Biden and McConnell.  The question is, will the country be able to move on with them? Get More From This Week’s Panelists: Stephen Fowler Twitter (https://twitter.com/stphnfwlr) Podcast: Battleground: Ballot Box  (https://www.npr.org/podcasts/912830855/battleground-ballot-box) Senator Chris Dodd Twitter (https://twitter.com/senchrisdodd) Email your questions to James and Al at  POLITICSWARROOM@GMAIL.COM (mailto:POLITICSWARROOM@GMAIL.COM)   or tweet them to @POLITICON (http://www.twitter.com/@politicon) .  Make sure to include your city, we love to hear where you’re from! THIS WEEK’S SPONSORS: The Great Courses Plus  Get access to any and all courses for an entire month- completely free!  So don’t wait any longer, sign up today using our special url: http://www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/warroom United Harvest  If you value quality, flavor, and convenience when ordering your meat, check out www.unitedharvest.com (http://www.unitedharvest.com/) and be sure to use that promo code warroom to save 20% off your order of 50 dollars or more. Paint Your Life  Celebrate the moments that matter most with Paint Your Life (https://www.paintyourlife.com/) .  Text politics to 64-000 for 20% off and free shipping on your order.
1 hr 24 min
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