Mar 10, 2023
Jim Cobb, Best-Selling Author & Defense Attorney
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This week’s guest is Jim Cobb, a New Orleans defense attorney and the author of the award-winning book, Flood of Lies: The St. Rita's Nursing Home Tragedy. Jim won two high-profile cases defending the owners of nursing homes in St. Bernard, LA and Hollywood Hills, FL. The trio discusses these trials, the state of today’s judicial system, and even Jim’s under-the-radar New Orleans restaurant recommendation. 

Key Takeaways

  • [02:23] - How Jim was inspired — as an attorney — by the Boston Massacre story
  • [04:32] - The power of government and money in the U.S. justice system
  • [09:57] - The mob mentality & political outcry after nursing home tragedies in LA & FL
  • [16:54] - The probability of more weather-related tragedies
  • [19:29] - How money factors into being a defendant
  • [23:52] - The process of screening cases based on “win-ability”
  • [25:58] - Why it’s harder to defend someone you know is innocent


[05:39] - “The only thing written on the front of the Supreme Court is ‘equal justice under law’. That's their motto. That's our motto. Let me suggest to you folks that there's nothing equal about the justice that is dispensed in this country. The only thing that gets you close to equal justice is if you’ve got a lot of money.” - Jim Cobb  


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