Nov 8, 2022
A Positive Outlook During the Economic Downturn
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Recent years have been tough on the economy. Many challenges have led to a slowdown in the global economy. Despite the negative impact of the economic slowdown, there are still reasons to be optimistic. Tough times don't last forever, and the economy will eventually recover.

In this episode, Doug and Greg talk about what financial experts have to say about inflation, the slowdown of today's economy, and how the global markets have been performing in the past weeks.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:45] - What financial experts have to say about inflation.
  • [05:28] - The slowdown of today's economy.
  • [11:21] - A decline in the growth rate of big tech companies.
  • [15:12] - An aspect of the economy that is positive.
  • [17:59] - A look at the scenarios facing Europe, Russia, and Ukraine.
  • [20:29] - How the global markets are doing after 43 weeks.
  • [23:48] - The best thing people can do in today's market.


[05:00] - "We manage portfolios based on people's lifetime cash flow needs and build buffers between their equity portfolio and their expected living needs. You would never want to trade your retirement or your nest egg on what's happening in the world." ~ Greg Stokes

[08:09] - "Regardless of where you look, it will be tough for people to buy homes at these rates." ~ Doug Stokes

[20:51] - "The only things that have worked this year are energy and cash. It was the most hated asset class for the last 10 years." ~ Greg Stokes and Doug Stokes


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