Ep. 301: Embrace an Attitude of Gratitude for What This Unprecedented Season Offers, a Deep Dive into Listeners’ Personal Policies, and a Money Hack
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We discuss why it’s helpful to embrace an attitude of gratitude for what this unprecedented Thanksgiving holiday offers; we do a deep dive into listeners’ useful personal policies; we share an easy money-related hack; and Gretchen gives herself a clutter-related demerit.

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Happier in Hollywood
Happier in Hollywood
The Onward Project
Ep. 193: First Day of School Syndrome in the Zoom Room
Liz and Sarah have First Day of School Syndrome AND Zoom fatigue! They discuss the First Day of School challenges of adjusting to their Fantasy Island Zoom writers room— from new faces to new group dynamics to spending hours staring at a screen— and remind themselves that in a few weeks it will all feel totally normal. Then they share how they’re embracing an atmosphere of growth in a 2021 that still feels a LOT like 2020. SPOILER ALERT: Liz is committing to Dry January, and Sarah’s determined to get outside every day, no matter the weather. Having a huge new work project definitely gives 2021 an atmosphere of growth, too. Next, they revisit one of their all-time favorite mantras: volunteers, not recruits. As they staff up (not just writers, but all departments) it’s important to remember that working with people who really want to be there is always better than working with people who have to be convinced. This week’s Hollywood Hack: keep a lipstick/lip balm by your computer! If you want to order a Happier In Hollywood rainbow Silipint travel cup with lid, email happierinhollywood@gmail.com for more information.  Happier in Hollywood is part of ‘The Onward Project,’ a family of podcasts brought together by Gretchen Rubin—all about how to make your life better. Check out the other Onward Project podcasts—Happier with Gretchen Rubin, Side Hustle School, Do The Thing, and Everything Happens with Kate Bowler . If you liked this episode, please subscribe, leave a review, and tell your friends! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
27 min
Good Life Project
Good Life Project
Jonathan Fields / Wondery
Tara Brach | Wisdom For Anxious Times
My guest today, Tara Brach, has been one of my teachers for years, though she never knew it. Back in the early days of podcasting, I stumbled upon her weekly dharma talks or Buddhist teachings and meditations that she’d offer at her Insight Meditation Center in DC, record, then air as podcasts, and the blend of her gentle presence, her deep wisdom that was clearly not just studied, but also lived, her humility, real-world sensibility, and humor drew me in. Tara’s teachings blend Western psychology, she’s also a clinical psychologist, along wtih Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to our inner life, and a full, compassionate engagement with our world. The result is a distinctive voice in Western Buddhism, one that offers a wise and caring approach to freeing ourselves and society from suffering. She is kindness and insight embodied, and I’ve learned so much from both her offerings and also the way she seems to move through life over the years. Which is why I was so excited to be able to spend some time going deep into not just certain pivotal moments in Tara’s path, but also the powerful tools and practices she’s developed in the name of allowing us to breathe more easily into whatever comes our way, at the core of which is something Tara shorthands with the acronym RAIN, which is transformational and we explore how it can move into our lives, especially in the context of compassion, acceptance, and what’s been going on in society these days.  You can find Tara Brach at: Website : https://www.tarabrach.com/ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tarabrach/ Check out our offerings & partners:  Freshly: Each Freshly meal is perfectly sized for 1 person to enjoy at 1 sitting. Fully-prepared meals are delivered fresh, and ready to eat in 3 minutes. Get $40 off your first two orders when you go to freshly.com/GOODLIFE Peloton: Access high-energy workouts, instantly. Discover Peloton: streaming fitness classes to you live and on-demand. Get started on your Peloton journey today and download the Peloton app from now through January 31, 2021 for a two-month free trial. AquaTru: Countertop reverse osmosis water purifier that's certified to create bottled-quality water. Receive $100 off an AquaTru plus free shipping when you go to AquaTru.com & enter code GOODLIFE at checkout.
1 hr 7 min
ON BOYS Podcast
ON BOYS Podcast
Janet Allison, Jennifer LW Fink
A Revolution for Men & Boys
One of our favorite musicals is Les Miserables, which is a story about the French revolution. It's also the story of love and transformation. What does that have to do with raising boys? Today's guest is Dr. Charles Corprew, a psychologist and host of the podcast "What's Your Revolution?" Charles is passionate about revolution --  not the bloody riots that mar cities and countries, but the opportunities we all have for personal and global transformation. "I think I've always known that revolution was necessary for our boys," Charles says, noting his stable upbringing and experiences with racism. "I wanted to make sure the boys had abundant opportunities for a successful life. I wanted to make sure I was creating successful pathways for our young men, regardless of what they look like. That they have the ability to be young boys -- to have fun, to play and find who they want to be." The work has to begin with adults, he says. We adults need to examine our beliefs and systems, and tackle questions such as, "What does it mean to be equitable?" Boys needs space, freedom and role models to figure out who they are and who they want to be. "We need to give our boys more models, more expansive opportunities to try out," Charles says. "This is the hard work that we need to do as adults so that our children can actually grow up and be whoever they want to be." Viva la revolucion!  In this episode, Jen, Janet & Charles discuss: How racism inhibits boys' opportunities to play, to experiment and grow The importance of role modeling Helping boys discover their true selves Empower boys to advocate for change Talking to (and listening to!) boys regarding their educational needs Encouraging outdoor play Male friendships Teaching boys the value of service to others Promoting healthy masculinity Links we mentioned (or should have) in this episode: What's Your Revolution? - Charles' podcast What Makes Him Tick? -- ON BOYS Interactive event Playing with Anger: Teaching Coping Skills to African American Boys Through Athletics and Culture -- book edited by Dr. Howard Stevenson, psychologist mentioned at 17:05 Camelback Ventures -- Charles' employer; "an accelerator that identifies, develops, and promotes early-stage underrepresented entrepreneurs with the aim to increase individual and community education, and generational wealth" Maggie Dent: What Teenage Boys Really Need -- ON BOYS episode mentioned at 34:24 Sponsor Spotlight: Hiya Health HEALTHY children’s vitamins — no sugar or “gummy junk” included! Made from a blend of 12 farm-fresh fruits & veggies, Hiya Health vitamins are the easy way to get your boys the nutrition they need.  Use discount code ONBOYS at checkout to save 50%.
37 min
Authentic Parenting
Authentic Parenting
Anna Seewald
How to Master Your Difficult Feelings with Joan Rosenberg, PhD
Dr. Joan Rosenberg is a cutting-edge psychologist, speaker and trainer. She is a two-time TEDx speaker and the author of 90 Seconds to a LIfe You Love. Most of us are not comfortable with our unpleasant feelings. We tend to avoid, numb out or distract ourselves from feeling their discomfort. Knowing how to deal with intense, overwhelming and uncomfortable feelings is essential to building confidence, resilience and authenticity. Yet when we disconnect or distract from these feelings we move away from confidence, health, desired pursuits ultimately undermining our ability to fully realize our ambitions. The formula: 1 Choice, 8 Feelings, 90 Seconds GET THE BOOK 90 Seconds to a LIfe You Love. EMOTION SERIES * Ep. 129: How to Listen to Children's Big Feelings * Ep. 148: The Upside of Your Dark Site with Todd Kashdan, PhD * 149: Anger with Russell Kolts, PhD * Ep. 153: Anxiety with Dennis Tirch, PhD * Ep. 150; Fear with Kristen Ulmer * Ep. 152: Boredom with Hans Wilhelm * 155: Tears and Crying with Ad Vingerhoets, PhD BECOME A SUPPORTER OF THE SHOW 1. With your support we can continue the production of the podcast uninterruptedly. You can choose a level of support on Patreon.com by becoming a patron. 2. One time donations are also deeply appreciated. Give from the heart now. FULL SHOW NOTES www.authenticparenting.com/podcast ABOUT ME I help overwhelmed, frustrated parents who want to parent differently than their parents, make sense of their early childhood experiences, connect to their authentic self and their children on a deeper level, reduce stress, bring more ease, calm and joy into their lives by yelling less, and practicing non-punitive discipline. WORK WITH ME Listeners of the podcast get 10% on my coaching services. I would be thrilled to support you in your parenting journey! * Click here to get started with my Introductory (3 Sessions) Package or REAL Change Package - 6 Private Coaching Sessions-worldwide! :) * Court-Ordered Parenting Classes (in person NJ, NY,and PA residents only) YOUR FEEDBACK IS VALUABLE! Do you have a comment, question, or a takeaway about this episode or the podcast in general? * USA listeners call 732-763-2576 right now and leave a voicemail. * International listeners use the FREE Speak Pipe tool on my website. Add your voice. It matters! * Email: info@authenticparenting.com SUBMIT YOUR PARENTING QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED IN THE SHOW: * Voicemail: 732-763-2576 * Speak Pipe for sending audio messages * Email: info@authenticparenting.com CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA * Authentic Parenting on Facebook * Instagram NEED PARENTING SUPPORT? * Join the Authentic Parenting FREE online community Thanks for listening! With gratitude, Anna Seewald, M.Ed, M.Psy Parent Educator, Keynote Speaker, Author www.authenticparenting.com
51 min
The Slow Home Podcast
The Slow Home Podcast
Brooke McAlary
Meditation, acceptance and relinquishing control with Kevin Janks - Life in the Time of Covid-19
We've all heard about the transformative power of meditation, but how can we access it when uncertainty, stress and living through a pandemic make it difficult to simply sit still and breathe?  In today's episode Brooke is joined by friend of the show and founder of Centred Meditation, Kevin Janks, to talk through the power of meditation in challenging times.  Meditation allows us to decompress from 'fight or flight' mode and as Kevin explains, the time investment doesn’t need to be excessive. (Research has found that meditating for as little as 12 minutes a day can have a substantial impact over the course of three weeks). It can also be used to shift our perception of control, which is often the overriding emotion during times of crisis, and by doing so, release us from the stress of trying to control and uncontrollable situation. Kevin also shares how meditation allows us to accept the current circumstances we find ourselves in (not in order to accept and give up, but in order to simply accept the way things are at the moment) and use that freedom to look at how we will move forward when we're able.  There's so much to be taken from meditation, particularly during such stressful times, and this conversation with Kevin is full of tools and takeaways that will hopefully help you.  Enjoy!  Looking for more Slow? Find show notes, resources and links at slowyourhome.com/season6 Follow us on Instagram @slowhomepod Sign up for the Slow Post, Brooke's weekly slow-living love letters  Or leave a rating or review in iTunes Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/slow See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
40 min
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