Does Thanksgiving Turkey Kinda Suck?
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Are we kidding ourselves when we try to make turkeys tasty, or is there really something to this Thanksgiving tradition? Today, we're asking the question: does turkey kinda suck?

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A Conversation With...
A Conversation With...
Philip DeFranco
John Green Reveals His Biggest Regrets, Quarantine Anxiety, How Fame Changed Him &... Ep. 43
Special thanks to CALM - , Squarespace - , CAVIAR - Download App & Use Code ‘PHIL’, & VESSI - & use code ‘DEFRANCO’ for sponsoring!   Go check out John Green:   WATCH Previous Podcast:    ———————————— Go to and use code "ACW20" for 20% off! Ends soon.   Click on for limited edition merch! Ends soon.   New episode every Wednesday! Subscribe:   LISTEN to the audio podcasts:   SUBSCRIBE to ACW Clips:   ———————————— 01:47 - Hank Green is My Boss 04:30 - Reflecting on Ze Frank’s “The Show” 06:32 - Why bigger communities become more disconnected 08:39 - Success is a Drug 11:20 - Rich or Famous?  11:39 - BUY JOHN’S BOOK!  17:58 - What was your childhood like? 21:44 - Can Parents Still Grow?  24:37 - How has 2020 impacted your life?  28:23 - Feeling hopeful during a pandemic 31:48 - I would do anything to take away the pain from my kids... 35:47 - What is the secret to your success? 41:28 - What is something your parents taught you that you now know is wrong?  45:21 - What’s your biggest regret?  47:38 - When do the Green kids get social media?  49:41 - If we went to high school together would we have been friends?  52:27 - Describe the first that your perspective has changed significantly on something 56:36 - Did Hank come to you when he wanted to start writing? 1:03:38 - What’s your greatest fear about getting older?  1:05:38 - How do you deal with conflict? 1:20:50 - John’s questions for Phil 1:28:22 - How Phil’s 14 years on YT changed him 1:34:32 - Goodbyes ————————————   THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:   -Go to to get 40% off a Calm Premium subscription! -Start your free trial today: & enter offer code “ACW” to get 10% off your first purchase!   -Caviar is giving you 20% off your first order. Just enter the promo code ‘PHIL’ at checkout! -Go to & if you miss the sale, just use code DEFRANCO to get $25 off! ———————————— FOLLOW ME OFF YOUTUBE: ———————————— Edited by: William Crespo    Executive Producer: Amanda Morones - Art Director & Motion Graphics Artist: Brian Borst - Production & Photography: Zack Taylor - Production Team: Luke Manning   #JohnGreen #PhilipDeFranco #AConversationWith
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