Financially Ever After
Tackling the High Cost of Divorce
Jul 30, 2019 · 33 min
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Can you imagine your divorce being written about in the national tabloids? Today’s guest on the show is celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who helps her clients navigate through that every day. Her clients include Kim Kardashian, Ryan Reynolds, Angelina Jolie, Stevie Wonder, Maria Shriver and more. She has been named one of the best lawyers in America, and she is passionate about making divorce something that people can understand, work through and afford more easily.Laura talks about how she got into the Matrimonial Law field. There was a strong family precedent for going into legal practice, and almost despite herself, Laura ended up going to Law school and working with her father at his family law practice. She discovered that she loves learning about the people and industries she worked with at the firm. [02:20]Laura talks about the level of trust and the code of honor required to work with celebrities. She grew to understand that no one knows what's best for a family better than the family themselves. [05:30]Stacy asks Laura why it’s so common for women in relationships not to have an intimate understanding of the family finances. This is changing, but historically, there hasn’t been an equal division of earnings and financial management. It’s stressful, complicated and not fun - so often, letting someone else ‘take care of it’ is appealing. Laura points out that even when women are the major breadwinners, that’s no guarantee they’ll be the main financial manager of the household. [07:00]Divorce is often a big financial wakeup call for the person in the relationship who isn’t involved in the finances. Laura talks about what a shock it can be when you don't know the details of your income and expenses, especially when there is a public expectation that you’ll live a certain lifestyle. [10:30]What steps should you be taking before you’re married, or while you’re happily married to prevent shocks and pain down the road? Laura gives some strategies for how to protect yourself in the future, no matter what happens. [14:00]Stacy notes that the biggest fights couples have revolved around money - and when a relationship is ending or changing, that can be magnified. She asks Laura about the innovative way she is approaching divorce negotiations. This is a massive departure from traditional divorce and brings a lot of support and education to the table. [17:30]Laura talks about who is a good candidate for online divorce - it’s not everyone, but it is making things easier and more affordable for thousands of people.  [21:30]Stacy and Laura talk about the benefits of community when you’re going through a divorce - having other people going through the same thing can be invaluable, and Laura talks about her book, website, and podcast - all designed to help people work through this difficult process. [26:00]

ResourcesBook: It Doesn’t Have to be That WayWebsite: It’s Over EasyPodcast: Divorce Sucks

ContactStacy Francis: // 212-374-9008Laura Wasser: Instagram: @LauraWasserOfficial // Wasser Cooperman and Mandles

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