Financially Ever After
How I Represented Myself in My Divorce, and Why You Shouldn’t with April Katz Israeli
Aug 27, 2019 · 37 min
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April Katz Israeli is my honored guest on today’s podcast. She is a celebrated matrimonial attorney at Williams Law Group, with over 25 years experience. She brings an interesting point of view to our show, seeing that she represented herself in her own divorce. She will share tips on how to keep the cost of your divorce as low as possible if you are going pro se, as well as how she got over her fear of divorce and how you can get through it too. April helped her husband find a suitable divorce attorney. She had worked with almost all the local attorneys so she knew it would be hard for him to find a lawyer as there would be a conflict with almost anyone he chose. She found him a good local attorney to keep everything above board and equitable so she could move on with her life. [4:10]It’s very difficult to maintain your objectivity and keep your cool as an attorney when it's your own divorce and you're a very upset spouse with all the associated emotions. April says her divorce started off smoothly but then got ugly. [5:20]Sometimes couples think they can work issues out themselves and come up with a suitable divorce agreement.  They don’t go to a lawyer to save money. The problem is that issues come up in the future which they didn’t anticipate and have to seek litigation to deal with. They now find themselves spending money to fix what should have been done in the first place. [8:06]April shares how a mediator can be a cost-effective alternative to having separate divorce attorneys. [8:43]It's important to discuss deep issues and come to an agreement prior to marriage.This can help you avoid many problems in the future. [14:44]Relationships break down for many reasons. Some common issues are financial struggles and infidelity. When April works with couples her main focus is not so much the couple’s relationship issues but what’s best for the children. This is the court’s focus as well. [16:51]April started thinking about leaving her husband very early in her marriage. She reveals why she stayed for 23 years and what made her finally get over her fear and get a divorce. She comments that her divorce was the healthiest thing she did for herself. [22:02]If you're hearing your inner voice say that something is wrong, trust your instincts. Don't be embarrassed to talk to someone you trust about what steps to take. It's very unhealthy to internalize that voice because it will eventually manifest itself through physical illness or depression. If you feel divorce is the right decision, take the steps to give yourself that opportunity. [32:20]

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