Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Pain Recovery
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Emotional and physical pain share neurological circuits in the brain and chronic activation of them is unpleasant. Since we don’t want to feel pain, we suppress it, which fires up the nervous system and your flight or fight response. Over time, we become more and more determined (and rigid) to not feel pain and it is a losing battle. 

A key to solving chronic pain is learning to quit fighting it, be with it, and let it dissipate. However, it does require learning approaches to allow you to tolerate feeling uncomfortable, as emotional pain can be intolerable. 

ACT is a way of a learning to be with uncomfortable feelings and developing

psychological flexibility. It is the foundation of Dr. Aria’s practice. He

discusses the basis of it and how to bring these concepts into your daily life.

He presents “The 3 C’s” – Catch, Check, and Choose. You can begin to use these

tools today.

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