Grilling JR
Grilling JR
Aug 27, 2020
Episode 70: SummerSlam 2000
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On this episode of Grilling JR, Jim and Conrad look back 20 years at SummerSlam 2000, which took place on August 27, 2000 at the the Raleigh Arena in Raleigh, NC. Headlined by a main event featuring The Rock, Triple H, and Kurt Angle in a triple threat match for the WWF Championship, other notable matchups included Kane vs. Undertaker in a no DQ match, Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho in a two-out-of-three falls match, and probably the most memorable match on the card - a triple threat TLC tag team match between the Dudleys, Hardys, and Edge & Christian!

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83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff
83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff
Westwood One Podcast Network
Halloween Havoc 1993
On this episode of 83 Weeks, Eric and Conrad look back 27 years at Halloween Havoc 1993, which took place on October 24, 1993 at the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA! In it, we'd see the return of the Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal gimmick for the second year in a row. On the card, we'd see Vader battle Cactus Jack in a Texas Death match, The Nasty Boys vs. Marcus Bagwell and 2 Cold Scorpio for the Tag Titles, Sting vs. Sid Vicious, Rick Rude vs. Ric Flair, and more! Did you know you could be enjoying 83 Weeks days, even a week in advance on is a SUPER Patreon page that brings all Conrad's podcasts under one roof, early and AD FREE! Not only do subscribers get the regular shows, they also have access to BONUS content you won't see or hear anywhere else! Join for as low as $9 a month or choose a higher tier for more access to your favorite podcasts! You can enjoy this episode and other clips of 83 Weeks everyday on YouTube! Subscribe and turn on your notifications at Let us help you save some money and get out of debt today over at If you want the world to hear about the exciting things your doing in your business then you need to advertise on 83 Weeks! We can help make a difference in your company today over at We are always coming up with new hilarious t-shirt designs over at head over there now and check them out!
2 hr 22 min
Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard
Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard
Westwood One Podcast Network / STWW Network
Episode 238: In Your House 4
On this episode of Something To Wrestle, Bruce and Conrad look back 25 years at In Your House 4: Great White North, which took place on October 22, 1995, at the Winnipeg Arena in Winnipeg, CA. In the main event, we'd see Diesel defend the WWF Championship against British Bulldog. Plus, Razor Ramon vs. Dean Douglas for the IC Title, King Mable vs. Yokozuna, and much more! If you have credit card debt or in a 30 year loan? Well, can help you get out of that pinch and save money at the same time! Head over to for a quick quote.  Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard begins a new chapter in the Patreon world. Bruce joins Conrad's four other host at, the largest collection of wrestling legends on one channel. will have every podcast ad free and early, plus bonus content you won't get anywhere else. Join today Want more Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard? Well, head on over to our YouTube channel for clips, full episodes and much more! Don't put a "T" in his name, put a tee on your back over at! Check out our growing catalog of shirts and of course our extremely popular "DOOT DOOT DOOT" fanny packs. If you want to promote your business on Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard it's easy! Fill out a quick form telling us about your business and what you'd like to do over at
1 hr 53 min
upNXT: The Unofficial NXT Podcast
upNXT: The Unofficial NXT Podcast
POST Wrestling
upNXT MOVIE REVIEW - Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
Braden Herrington and Davie Portman celebrate Halloween with a spooky movie review of “the night no one comes home”… Halloween 3: Season of the Witch! The BDE chat all about the one Halloween movie in the franchise that doesn’t feature the iconic horror character: Michael Myers. Yes this exists. They discuss this early 80’s horror flick with evil Halloween masks, a ridiculous plot with gruesome deaths, robot killers, jack-o-lanterns, “Silver Shamrocks”, snakes, mind control, unnecessary sex scenes, stonehenge (for some reason), and more! The lads give thoughts on the film, and the franchise as a whole (including the new ones)- and even fantasy book future “Halloween” crossovers, plus some trivia on this film, and much more! Happy Halloween! On the upNXT Patreon, Braden and Davie review AEW Dynamite each Thursday as well as retro NXT reviews, Best Match Ever, and tons of other podcasts. This week's schedule: * Thursday October 29th: upNXTra - AEW Review - Patreon * Thursday October 29th: Shot In The Dark w/ Cno Evil - Patreon Free Show * Friday October 30th: Top 5 Spooky Moments in Wrestling - Patreon * Sunday November 1st: upYOURS - Talk N’ Shop A Mania w/ Dan Reid - Patreon * Sunday November 1st: The Long & Winding Royal Road - Steve Williams vs Kenta Kobashi w/ WH Park & Davie Portman - POST Wrestling Feed * Plus so much more @ BDE Chiptune Theme by Subscribe: Patreon: YouTube: T-Shirts: Discuss: Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @upNXTpodcast
57 min
Keepin It 100 with Konnan
Keepin It 100 with Konnan
MLW Radio Network
Ep 226! Kazarian and Robert Frank!
On the 226th Episode of Keepin It with Konnan, YouTube Star Robert Frank joins the crew to discuss the mess that is 2020, politics, next week’s election, social media censorship and more! AEW and SCU’s Frankie Kazarian is here for another round of the popular “Juicy Frankie Seal” segment! Plus the listener mailbag covers Bret-Shawn, an ICP shoot interview, PacMan Jones in TNA, and Triple H, plus Kevin Kleinrock is here with the Masked Republic Minute!   Get Interactive on Twitter @Konnan5150 @TheRealDisco @MaskedRepublic @JFFeeney3rd  @TheCCNetwork1   Check out our Patreon site at and for extra audio, FULL AD AND MUSIC FREE episodes, exclusive video, listener roundtable discussion shows, weekly watch-a-longs, call in shows with Konnan and DI, plus so much more! Check out New show sponsor Funimation And their archives of great anime content from the past and the present! Go to  for a free one month subscription!   Go to and use our new code K100 for 20% off all your below the belt male grooming needs, including a trimmer, razor, wash and deodorant and more!   And check out Steel Supplements at, and use the code RF10 for 10% off all your workout and supplement needs, including the world’s strongest pre workout, fat burners, male enhancement and sleep improvement products and more!   Subscribe to the Keepin It 100 Official Youtube here! To send a question to the Keepin it 100 mailbag, or a song for the Juicy Seal Of Approval, please email!   Follow the new official show Twitter, @K100Konnan or
2 hr 17 min
Between The Sheets
Between The Sheets
Kris Zellner & David Bixenspan
Ep. #273: October 20-27, 1986 with Mike Sempervive
Kris & David are joined by Mike Sempervive (@Sempervive) to discuss the week-plus that was October 20-27, 1986. We talk about Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff’s formation of the Super Powers after Magnum T.A.'s tragic car wreck, including the awesome clips from the card where Nikita turns, plus Dusty being jumped by the Horsemen in the parking lot of the JCP offices, as well as the Super Powers’ first promo on TBS. We also talk about the Road Warriors revealing the scaffold match for Starrcade, Ric Flair cancelling his AJPW tour, Dave Meltzer’s surprising thoughts on Continental TV, Chris Adams going to federal prison, Missy Hyatt dumping John Tatum for Eddie Gilbert, Sunshine debuting on UWF TV, Brian Adias turning on the Von Erichs, and Dutch Savage returning to Portland. And in the WWF we talk about Adrian Adonis being "fired,” the mass exodus of Montreal talent to the WWF, Jim Troy talking about WWF's Japanese prospects, and tons more. That’s just scratching the surface on another great 80's show, so don't miss out!!!! Timestamps: 0:00:00 Jim Crockett Promotions 1:28:18 Int’l: AJPW, NJPW, Montreal, Stampede, EMLL, UWA, & WWC 2:06:11 Classic Commercial Break 2:11;04 Housekeeping/The Amazon Game 2:43:19 Other USA: CWF, CCW, CWA/Memphis, WCCW, Central States, AWA, & Portland 4:35:56 WWF To support the show and get access to exclusive rewards like special members-only monthly themed shows, go to our Patreon page at ( ) and become an ongoing Patron. Becoming a Between the Sheets Patron will also get you exclusive access to not only the monthly themed episode of Between the Sheets, but also access to our new mailbag segment, a Patron-only chat room on Slack, and anything else we do outside of the main shows! Shop at Amazon via our link ( ) (go here ( ) for Amazon UK if you’re in Europe)— Nothing extra comes out of your pocket; for you, it’s the same experience you’d get going to Amazon the usual way. For the best in both current and classic indie wrestling streaming, make sure to check out ( ) and use coupon code BTSPOD for a free 5 day trial! (You can also go directly to ( ) to sign up that way.) If you convert to a paid subscriber, we get a kickback for referring you, allowing you to support both the show and the indie scene. To subscribe, you can find us on iTunes, Google Play, and just about every other podcast app's directory, or you can also paste ( ) into your favorite podcast app using whatever “add feed manually” option it has. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
6 hr 6 min
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