33 — Robert Bilott — Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed: The 20-Year Battle Against DuPont
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"There are fingerprints right back to those companies who made the chemicals knowing that they would be in our environment, knowing they would stay in our blood." - Robert Bilott

  • What really happened in the DuPont chemical case?
  • Where did Robert Bilott gain the diligence and endurance to withstand a 20 year fight?
  • Why are chemical companies still not being held accountable for toxic materials?
  • What was the personal toll of undertaking such an intense, lengthy battle?

The Dark Waters of Corporate Greed With Robert Bilott

Robert Bilott is no stranger to playing the long game. The renowned author and environmental attorney is the tireless advocate behind the 20-year battle against DuPont, poisoned water, and corporate greed.

In this episode, we hear how he took on international chemical juggernaut DuPont in the name of justice (and why he nearly passed on the case!). We learn what it was like being involved in the media made about this major case, including multiple documentaries, a best-selling book, and the Hollywood blockbuster Dark Waters.

Ultimate Determination: Why Robert Bilott Spent 20 Years Fighting the Good Fight

The odds were stacked against Robert Bilott from the start. Quite simply, an environmental case of this magnitude and complexity had never been tried. At certain points, it felt like going two steps forward and one step backwards, as opposing forces attempted to stifle the investigation. So where did Robert get the determination and endurance to never give up?

He shares the personal toll of this high stakes case, how he kept his focus during the years of intense scientific investigation, and what it felt like to find a resolution.

Years of Toxicity: Is the Chemical Industry Ever Going to Change?

Some of the facts of the DuPont case are so shocking that it belies belief. How could something like this happen? After all, isn't this the reason why the EPA exists?

Robert Bilott explains how a lack of knowledge and outdated legislature led to years of toxicity in the US and worldwide. The DuPont case brought these revelations into the public consciousness — but, if you ask Robert, the fight has only just begun.

Key takeaways:

  • Standing up can change the game. One person stepping up and calling attention to a problem can cause a dramatic ripple effect.
  • If it's worth it, keep grinding. Robert Bilott is a world-class example of what can happen when you stick to your principles.
  • Sticking up for the little guy. In serving the people who couldn't represent themselves, Robert Bilott stopped an international conglomerate in its tracks.

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