29 — Billy Gene Shaw — Entertain, Educate, Execute: How to Dominate on Social Media
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"Our ads are probably seen 1 to 3 million times a day. That's how many people I get to be in front of." - Billy Gene Shaw

  • How did Billy Gene become one of digital marketing's most prominent voices?
  • Why does Billy say speed trumps quality when it comes to content?
  • Which marketing hacks will get more eyeballs on your law firm's ads?
  • Why do entertaining ads make the big bucks these days?

Billy Gene’s Social Media Formula: Entertain, Educate, Execute

Billy Gene Shaw has become one of the most prominent voices in digital marketing today. He's eloquent, savvy, and his tactics make money. He brings high energy to every stage and gets his audience fired up under his motto: Entertain, Educate, and Execute. But was he always like that?

In this episode, we dive deep into marketing in the digital age. We hear Billy's entrepreneurial story, and we learn how his determination to think laterally led him to build the 8-figure powerhouse he runs today. Plus tips on what your firm can do staying relevant, and the exponential value of creating opportunities for those around you.

Digital Presence: How to Beat Out Your Competitors 100% of the Time

Your digital presence is about providing value to your clients. For attorneys, it's intrinsically linked to whether a prospect chooses you or your competitor.

In Billy’s eyes, it's all about concisely articulating what you’re selling and being in control of your narrative. He goes as far as to say that the amount of money you make directly correlates with the value you provide and the problems you solve. So how can you create a world-class digital presence? Billy drops some truth bombs on content, speed, and delivery to get you started and keep you relevant.

Why Making People Laugh Will Make You Money

Billy Gene is certain about one thing — right now, making people laugh makes big bucks. If you can create entertaining content that engages more viewers, platforms will charge you less. So how can you perfectly execute social media content? Can sales pitches ever truly be enjoyable for a viewer?

Billy sets our listeners a challenge because he believes that if the stakes are high enough, anyone can be entertaining, and anyone can succeed at this — you just have to think outside the box.

Key Takeaways:

  • You need to continue to learn to stay relevant. Businesses only have themselves to blame when the market moves ahead of them.
  • The speed at which you execute is more important than the production quality of the content you put out. When it comes to crowding out the competition, you have to be there first.
  • Get your message on point. Don't hold onto anything that's not working out so well. If your message sucks, Billy says, then get a new one.

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