3 — Hal Elrod — The Ultimate Morning Ritual and Becoming a Better You
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"We don't get what we want. We get what we're committed to." - Hal Elrod

  • Why should businesses practice acceptance in the wake of crises like the coronavirus?
  • How does taking responsibility for our inner world enable us to be more competitive?
  • Which two seemingly obvious concepts are the secrets behind all successful industry leaders?

Personal And Professional Transformation

Hal Elrod is a motivational speaker and best-selling author of The Miracle Morning. His work has turned a community of growth-minded individuals across the world on to a new way of tackling life's challenges.

The message of hope and transformation Hal prescribes to can have a lasting impact on our business and personal lives. This motivation stems from what he calls his rock bottoms. From a tragic car accident to a battle with cancer, and riding out the recession, Hal shows us that cultivating a game-changing mindset makes the improbable obtainable.

The New Affirmations For Results-Driven Individuals

If we start looking at our own unlimited potential, all it takes is a solid set of practices and routines to see performance improvements in all areas of life. Hal champions the SAVERS routine, and the one technique that tops his list is also the most misunderstood: affirmations.

This isn't standing in front of a mirror saying "Money is flowing to me!". Instead of cultivating dishonesty within our subconscious, Hal explains the importance of time management, why committed and actionable affirmations help us to achieve tangible results.

Never Regretting The Journey

Periods of adversity are part and parcel of playing the long game. Hal explains how individuals and professionals can use experiences as a learning curve to growth hack. We explore how the resolve and adaptability practiced during challenging times can elevate a firm's offering, and make a business leader into a true game-changer.

Key takeaways:

  • In catastrophic circumstances, such as the financial instability businesses are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus-borne Covid-19, leaders should follow the path to acceptance. Hal explains that a daily dose of reality will allow businesses to react quickly, maintain employee engagement, and move on to the next growth opportunity, with three actionable steps.
  • Successful individuals cultivate a mindset that takes responsibility for their inner world. Drawing comparison's to his life post-financial crash, Hal explains that self-care is the primary and most important touchstone for where personal and professional growth.
  • Hal's Miracle Equation breaks down into two seemingly simple concepts: unwavering faith and extraordinary effort. It's a guarantee that all highly successful law firm leaders are practicing these two rules, even if they aren't conscious of it. Hal demonstrates each concept and explains their application in everything from management and hiring, to entrepreneurship and running your firm like a business.

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