36 — Ryan Deiss — Truth Over Tactics: Marketing Strategies That Actually Work
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"Great marketing won’t fix a bad business. Great marketing will only accelerate the demise of a bad business." - Ryan Deiss

  • How did Ryan Deiss go from being $250K in debt to digital marketing master?
  • Why isn't creating an amazing product or service enough?
  • Why doesn't Ryan Deiss care about your conversion rates?
  • How can your firm get an edge when you're competing for the same clicks as everyone else?

Ryan Deiss and His Companies Basically Own the Internet

Ryan Deiss is the CEO of DigitalMarketer, one of the largest and most highly regarded authorities in marketing today. He’s not only an expert in what works when it comes to marketing — he’s also a seasoned entrepreneur who took the stairs on his way to success.

In this episode, Ryan Deiss shares his powerful insights about what all successful business leaders have in common, and marketing strategies that ACTUALLY work.

A Click Costs What a Click Costs: Why Marketing Tricks Don't Work

Ryan Deiss's legions of admirers want to get to the root of his success. What tricks and techniques did he use to rise to the top? Well, lean in close, because we've unmasked the truth: there. is. no. secret.

It might not be what you wanted to hear, but Ryan lays it down: a click costs what a click costs, so shift your focus. You should be concentrating on ascending your traffic into prospects, making those clients bigger and better, and boosting referrals. He tells us how he does it.

Why Picasso Was the Greatest Marketer of His Time

Entrepreneurs and creative minds can seem to have a certain something that gives them that edge. Ryan Deiss gives that edge a name: great marketing. He believes that every creative genius was empowered by even greater marketing prowess. So what tactics can you use to become a marketing maven?

Ryan shares his top tips: from calculated investment to identifying the real value of a customer. Plus, a cautionary tale about why even the best marketing in the world can't fix a weak foundation.

Key takeaways:

  • You’ve got to spend money to make money. The business that is willing to spend the most money to acquire a customer will always win.
  • Service over tactics. Tactics come and go, but establishing a brand built around high-quality service is the best marketing strategy a business can have.
  • Be in it for the journey. Marketing should never drop off after passing a lead to sales; marketing’s job is to own the entirety of the customer journey.

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