10 — Gino Wickman — Entrepreneurship. Is it in your DNA?
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"I think being an entrepreneur is a psychological disorder with all the love and respect. I mean, we are crazy." - Gino Wickman

  • How can you know if you're a born entrepreneur — or if you’re not cut out for it?
  • What are the REAL reasons so many new businesses fail?
  • Why is strengthening your weaknesses a waste of time?
  • Are successful people genetically engineered to dodge curveballs?

Gino Wickman Wants To Jumpstart Your Business

Entrepreneur, author, and mentor Gino Wickman knows exactly what it takes to succeed in business. He learned the hard way how to turn a failing business around into a profitable one, exploit his strengths, and put yourself head and shoulders above the competition.

Now, Gino's sharing his secrets to teach others what he wishes he'd been taught during his formative years. It’s not going to be easy — but if you want your entrepreneurial leap sized up by the guy who's been in the trenches for decades, then jump in.

Entrepreneurship Might Not Be For You

Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars, but most people aren't cut out to be the headline act. Gino has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe, and he’s identified six key traits that you MUST have in order to succeed.

Struggling wantrepreneurs will want to tune in as Gino drops truth bombs that might just save you 10 years of wasted time, money, and effort.

Why Some Attorneys Don't Need Partners

What kind of a business owner are you? According to Gino, the way you run your law firm is completely reliant on how you're hardwired as an individual. He identifies three types of partner people: the lone rangers, the true equal partners, and those who partner but seek greater control.

We discuss how to recognize your partnering type — and how to save yourself the hassle and money that comes with going into business with the wrong kind of people.

Key takeaways:

  • Delegate and elevate. Any time an attorney is doing $25/hour work, they're taking a pay cut. To expand your business, elevate your personal offering, and make an impact on the world you need to expand, Gino tells you how to hire well and decline tasks that are below your pay grade.
  • You don't have to be an entrepreneur to be a game changer. Gino says true visionary entrepreneurs are hard to find, but integrators are the rarest creatures of all. If you're highly organized and can funnel innovative concepts into tangible action, then you can walk into just about any company on the planet.
  • Get your 10-year goal in check. Heavily focusing on the day-to-day struggles counterintuitively keeps entrepreneurs from getting more done. Gino makes the case for clarity, projection, and measurable goals that will enhance your capability to act and react to any temporary obstacles that may arise.

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