The Unfair Coach
40 min

Back when coaching didn’t do very much, it didn’t matter who got it and who didn’t. But coaching is clearly getting better and better, and spreading into more areas of life, which means it matters a great deal who gets it and who does not. And the people who don’t get it are often the ones who need it most.

  • A professor attempts to teach the art of landing a joke to America’s next generation of business leaders, but will she tip the scales of privilege even more along the way?
  • We see the other darker side of data coaching in sports, when the weaponization of information enables a cheating scandal that puts an end to a promising pitching career. 

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Reversing Climate Change
Reversing Climate Change
S2E40: Much talk of CO2, but what about methane?!—w/ Olya Irzak of Frost Methane
Carbon dioxide is not the only greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. In fact, methane emissions are responsible for 16% of the warming we experience today. And because methane is more potent than CO2, we can make a big impact in a short period of time by addressing the concentrated, continuous methane seeps that exist around the world. Olya Irzak is the Founder and CEO of _Frost Methane_, a company working to combat climate change through the deployment of remote methane destruction devices. On this episode of the podcast, Olya joins Ross and Christophe to discuss why she chose to focus on methane emissions and explain how her team’s technology works to convert concentrated methane into CO2. Olya describes Frost Methane’s initial work with Arctic permafrost and introduces their new application of the technology in coal mines, sharing how the business generates revenue through carbon markets like California’s cap-and-trade market.  Listen in for Olya’s insight on the benefits of voluntary markets and learn her approach to prioritizing climate interventions to make the biggest impact. Connect with Nori _Purchase Nori Carbon Removals_ _Nori_ _Nori on Facebook_ _Nori on Twitter_ _Nori on Patreon_ Resources _Frost Methane_ _Frost Methane on LinkedIn_ _Olya on LinkedIn_ _ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit_ _Center for Negative Carbon Emissions_ _Google’s Climate Change Initiative_ _‘7,000 Underground Gas Bubbles Poised to Explode in Arctic’ in __The Siberian Times_ _Video of Exploding Under-Ice Methane Gas in Siberia_ _Laughlin Barker_ _Pleistocene Park_ _Pleistocene Park on Reversing Climate Change EP073_ _Dr. Leslie Field_ _Ice 911_ _ASU’s Arctic Ice Management Project_ _University of Beijing Research on Calving_ _Silver Lining_ _‘Sometimes Success Is Right Under Your Feet, As Tomato Grower Knows’ in __AP News_ _California’s Cap-and-Trade Program_ _Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation_ _Stripe Climate_ --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
42 min
Outrage + Optimism
Outrage + Optimism
Global Optimism
80. The Future of Fuels
This is our second episode of an Outrage + Optimism investigative series on The Future of Transport. There’s no denying that for over a century, fossil fuels have played a key role in humanity’s progress. But at a cost. They account for two-thirds of global greenhouse-gas emissions, and the pollution from burning them kills more than 4 million people a year. So in a year where cars sat unused, and oil prices crashed...what is the future of fuels? We know that in order to meet the Paris Agreement, we need to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030. Because even though COVID-19 is expected to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions by 7% this year, we need massive changes in how we move people and things. So will we see the end of the internal combustion engine? How will the world go electric? Can hydrogen scale to meet our energy demands? Our hosts Tom Rivett-Carnac, Christiana Figueres and Paul Dickinson pull out the roadmap to a zero-emission future, hit the road looking for answers to a decarbonized transport sector with experts who are in the driver's seat. Read Tom’s blog to find out more from behind the scenes. Watch David Lammy’s TED Talk before listening next week! — This series is sponsored by NESTE Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram — Guests this week: Ramez Naam, Singularity University Twitter | LinkedIn Monica Araya, Climate Champion Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Ted Talk Mary Nichols, CA Air and Resources Board Twitter | CARB Martin Daum, Daimler Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram Alejandro Agag, Formula E Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube Craig Knight, Hyzon Motors Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Craig LinkedIn Sara Forni, CERES Twitter | CERES Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged Twitter | FC Twitter | Fully Charged YouTube — Keep up with Christiana Figueres here: Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook — Tom Rivett-Carnac: Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn — Follow @GlobalOptimism on social media! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn — Don't forget to hit SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss another episode of Outrage + Optimism!
59 min
The Field
The Field
The New York Times
On Election Day, 'Two Different Worlds'
This episode contains strong language. At the heart of one race for the Wisconsin State Assembly are some of the same political cracks splitting the U.S. as a whole. Some believe keeping businesses running is a priority during the coronavirus pandemic; others think keeping people safe and healthy should be given precedence. Rob Swearingen is a four-time Republican assemblyman and owner of a local restaurant. He challenged the lockdown imposed by Wisconsin’s governor and, since reopening his business, has taken a loose interpretation of the mask mandate. His Democratic challenger, Kirk Bangstad, has strictly followed statewide edicts, opening his restaurant outdoors in the summer and, when there were coronavirus infections among his staff, closing down until all could be tested. What do the different approaches reveal about Wisconsin politics and about broader American divisions? Reid J. Epstein, a politics reporter for The New York Times, and Andy Mills and Luke Vander Ploeg, audio producers for The Times, went to the state to find out. Guests: Reid J. Epstein, who covers campaigns and elections for The New York Times; Andy Mills, a senior audio producer for The Times; Luke Vander Ploeg, an audio producer for The Times.  Bonus Election Day special: The Daily is going LIVE today. Listen to Michael Barbaro and Carolyn Ryan, a deputy managing editor at The Times, as they call our correspondents for the latest on a history-making day.  Tune in from 4 - 8 p.m. Eastern, only on and on the The New York Times iPhone app. Click here for more information.  Background reading:  * Here’s Reid’s story about how the virus has divided the conservative town of Minocqua, Wis. * President Trump and Joe Biden barnstormed through battleground states, concluding an extraordinary campaign conducted amid a health crisis and deep economic anxiety.
37 min
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