Ep6. Keep A.I. Absurd: Embrace A.I. Creating Bizarre Content with Advertising Creative Director Phil Gable
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Advertising Creative Director Phil Gable joins Creativity Squared for a laugh-out-loud, mostly PG-13 conversation that touches on the current state of the advertising industry, the dangers of censoring A.I., and examples of his absurd A.I.-created content. Spoiler: ChatGPT had a hard time nailing down a conversation between Alice Cooper and Jay Leno in iambic pentameter about wood! 

Phil has been working in advertising for 25 years. He started as a copywriter when the Internet was young, then moved onto Creative Director roles at some big agencies in New York and Atlanta as well as some smaller ones in the Midwest before setting out on his own. He’s currently freelancing as a Creative Director and Strategist for several agencies in New York City, and he also runs his own production company called Porcupine Armadillo which specializes in weird, low-budget comedy. 

Unsurprisingly then, Phil wants to keep A.I. absurd and sees it as a playground for creating bizarre content. A.I. tools are handy for him as a creative director when it comes to editing, efficiency, or finding a word; however, actual humans are still needed to create really good strategies and new ideas. A.I. can help us appreciate strange, chaotic things and Phil makes his case for being appointed czar of bizarreness by the U.S. government.\

Be prepared to laugh at his dark humor and wildly interesting takes on A.I. and humanity in this episode of Creativity Squared! 

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