The Career Musician
Super Sonic Noise Maker | Jason Moss EP. 10
Apr 23, 2018 · 1 hr 13 min
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MESSAGE: Diversify, Self-Educate, and employ Balance - Marathon not a Sprint

Phoenix AZ Big fish small pond Jingles Songwriter Record Deal Music artist Interning at commercial house TV commercial composer Educational Managent Group (EMG) Simon & Schuster Children's music Multi-media music Mentorship -

Cliff Sarde

Director for TV network Diversification 

Guitar-centric composer


Daily work schedule

Publishing royalties

Writers portion vs. Publishing portion

Streaming, Broadcast network, cable Cue sheets Social Media - fine line between bragging and branding Inspiration and influences 

Taking time to find balance and give your ears and mind a rest

Sleeping on ideas

Magic Hour - first solo artist album Bob Glaub - bass Nick Vincent - drums. Capitol Studios, Village Recorder Studios.

Don't be money hungry

Treating your music like your wife and not a hooker (respect and value of the craft) 

Don't make deals out of desperation

Library Production Music Well rounded: Artist, singer, producer, engineer, composer, graphics editor, etc... 

Synch Fee Exclusive Deals vs. Non-Exclusive Deals

Work For Hire Permalance position

Advanced Auto Parts jingle 

RESOURCES: BMI, ASCAP, SESAC - PRO's (Performing Rights Organizations) PMA - Production Music Association AIMP - Association of Independent Music Publishers The CCC - California Copyright Conference The SCL - Society of Composers and Lyricists NARIP - National Association of Record Industry Professionals AVID editing bays ... STUDIO ESSENTIALS: Logic Pro (Emagic in the late 90's) Ass-Ears-Eyes - good chair, good speakers, good computer screen 

JASONS WEBSITES AND SOCIALS:,_New_Jersey NY state Caracas Venezuela Tempe  

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