The Career Musician
Drummer to the Stars | Joel Stevenett EP. 3
Feb 24, 2017 · 44 min
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With credits that read like a short novel, Joel is not only a drummer to the stars, but the consummate professional that truly embodies the very meaning of the term - CAREER MUSICIAN!

Discussion points include: - Playing in unison with other band members - Locking drums and bass - Backing up the artist you're playing for - Not over emphasizing chops when inappropriate - Multitasking as it relates to session drumming - Programming drum beats - The Nashville music scene: Chris Blizzard, Butch Dillon, Karlton Taylor, Nioshi Jackson, Dan Needham, JD Blair Playing to the click/metronome with 1/4 notes only versus 1/8 notes at a slow tempo to feel the groove - Drum legend JR Robinson - Erik and Kelly - Paiste - Air Supply & Graham Russell - 3 foot rule: talk to anyone within your 3 foot radius as a rule of networking - New Media Marketing Enough work to go around - Engage with others by talking about them and not yourself - Taking initiative and following up - Seize the opportunity and ask questions - Allen Holdsworth - The Wackerman family of drummers - Modern Drummer magazine - Maintaining an attitude of positivity and happiness goes a long way 

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