The Storm Never Came. Now What? with Matthew Remski and Julian Walker
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How do conspiracy theories go from swirling on social media to besieging the U.S. Capitol? What happens when a prophecy’s deadline passes and doesn’t come true? And how do we reintegrate into society those who have fallen for an alternate unreality? This episode welcomes back Matthew Remski and Julian Walker, hosts of the Conspirituality podcast, to the show for a wide-ranging discussion on cult psychology and recovery.

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IFS Talks
IFS Talks
Aníbal Henriques & Tisha Shull
The Therapeutic Dose of Empathy in IFS with Alexia Rothman
Dr. Alexia Rothman is a licensed psychologist and Certified IFS therapist in private practice in Atlanta, GA.  She is a United States Presidential Scholar who completed her doctoral work in Clinical Psychology in 2003 at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.  She has formerly held adjunct professor positions in the Psychology Departments of Emory University and Agnes Scott College.  Dr. Rothman was drawn to the IFS model through her therapeutic work with trauma survivors, and she began her formal training in the IFS model in 2011.  Over the past 11 years, Dr. Rothman has served as a Program Assistant for many Level 1, 2, and 3 experiential IFS trainings.  In 2016, Dr. Rothman combined her passion for psychotherapy and her love of teaching and began offering full-day workshops to introduce the IFS model to clinicians.  She now regularly teaches both introductory and more advanced IFS workshops throughout the United States and abroad, and she serves as an IFS consultant, helping clinicians to deepen their knowledge of the IFS model while working with their own systems to facilitate maximal access to Self-energy in their professional and personal lives.  Dr. Rothman is married to an IFS therapist and is the mother of two human children and three Tonkinese cats. You can find more about Dr. Alexia at her website You can find the piece on therapeutic dose of empathy in IFS at minute 23:33
49 min
This Jungian Life
This Jungian Life
Deborah Stewart, Lisa Marchiano, Joseph Lee
Episode 152 - Navigating Young Adulthood: Risks & Rewards
The twenties are a period of emerging adulthood, a time to engage in the maturational tasks of finding one’s place in the wider world and forming intimate relationships. This stage of life calls for the ego strength necessary to make initial choices about work, intimacy, money, lifestyle and values. The protections and constraints of family, education, and culture are no longer unquestioned. It is time to engage life on one’s own authority: take appropriate risks, tolerate anxiety, weather disappointments—and reap the rewards of growing self-confidence and life competencies, lest isolation and stasis ensue. Embark bravely and with an open heart; learn to balance aspiration and reality, passion and practicalities. Jung says, “If one lives life then surely something should come from it. You see, life wants to be real; if you love life you want to live really, not as a mere promise hovering above things.” Here's the dream we analyze: "I walk into my older brother's bedroom in my childhood home. The room is full of sunlight. I head towards a mirror that is leaning against the window. I pull down my pants to check on a tattoo I recently got on my right thigh (I really did get a tattoo there recently). As I'm pulling my pants down I see another tattoo on my left thigh. It's massive. The tattoo is of a statue of the Virgin Mary. Except where her face should be there is a black square covering her face. I panic and will myself to remove the tattoo with my own mental fortitude. The tattoo began to disappear. Then came back then finally disappeared." References: Erik Erikson. Poem: Desiderata.
1 hr 5 min
Understand Suicide
Understand Suicide
Paula Fontenelle
Ep. 59 - It's ok that you're not ok | Megan Devine
Every time someone asks me to suggest a grief book, I add Megan Devine’s bestselling book “It's ok that you’re not ok: meeting grief and loss in a culture that doesn’t understand” to the top of the list. It is a beautifully written testimonial of the messy, unpredictable, often judged process of grief. Megan is a psychotherapist, writer, and grief advocate. Her work has been featured widely in the media, including the New York Times, The Atlantic, Washington Post, GQ, Harvard Business Review, and NPR’s Marketplace. Her latest collaborative project, Speaking Grief, debuted in 2020, from PBS. In this interview, she talks about how difficult it is for all of us to know how to help someone in grief. Not only that, but also how to examine our own views on loss. Here are some tips from our conversation: - Practice listening to the pain. People don’t need to be corrected. They need to be heard. - What we do out of our own discomfort. Avoid platitudes. - It’s ok to lead with your awkwardness. We want to name it rather than manage the awkwardness. My favorite: “We can actually change the world just by being kinder and by listening, and not trying to solve somebody else’s pain for them. And by watching for those places where we feel catty about other people’s losses because what that really is is a message to ourselves that we don’t feel supported enough in our own lives and that’s valid.” Find Megan Devine: Book “It's ok that you’re not ok: meeting grief and loss in a culture that doesn’t understand” - - PBS documentary “Speaking Grief:” - Webpage: You can watch this interview on my YouTube Channel "Understand Suicide:" Donate to the podcast: Visit my page Find my book "Understanding suicide: living with loss, paths to prevention" Contact me and exchange experiences on my Facebook page: --- Send in a voice message:
58 min
The Mushroom Hour Podcast
The Mushroom Hour Podcast
Mushroom Hour
Ep. 72: Porcini, Systematics of Family Boletaceae & Fungus Farming Ants (feat. Bryn Dentinger PhD)
Today on Mushroom Hour we are joined by the distinguished Bryn Dentinger, Curator of Mycology at the Natural History Museum of Utah and Associate Professor in the Biology Department at the University of Utah. Bryn hails from Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota for his PhD, where he studied the molecular systematics of clavarioid and porcini mushrooms. He has carried out fieldwork all over the world, including exciting collecting trips to Vietnam, Brazil, and Cameroon. He spent years in the UK as the Head of Mycology at the world-renowned Kew Gardens and since 2003 has published dozens of research papers in respected scientific journals around the world. Now running the Dentinger lab in Utah, he continues to pursue molecular systematics research on mushrooms and other fungi around the world, combining fieldwork, collections, and modern genomic tools, while maintaining a keen interest in home-brewing and whisky. Bryn’s work has overlapped with many other guests on the Mushroom Hour and has been one of the most recommended guests.    *Topics Covered:* * Early Inspirations to Study Fungi   * Introduction to Porcini   * Definition of Porcini (Species), Boletus (Genus), Boletaceae (Family)   * Family Boletaceae Phylogeny & Radiative Evolutionary Event    * Evolutionary Biology Behind Physical Characteristics of Fungi   * World’s Most Comprehensive Genetic Analysis of Family Boletacae   * Beyond PCR - Emerging Frontiers of Genetic Sequencing   * Importance of Citizen Scientists in Biodiversity Research   * Sequencing Existing Fungarium and Herbarium Collections*   * * Species of Fungus Farming Ants   * "Microbial Garden" Ant/Fungus/Bacteria Ecosystems   * Divergent Evolution of Fungus Farming Ants   * Evolutionary Significance of the Chemical Psilocybin   * Current and Future Research at the Dentinger Lab   *Episode Resources:* * Dentinger Lab Website:   * Bryn Dentinger Faculty Page:   * Bryn Dentinger IG:   * Boletaceae (Family):    * Boletus (Genus):   * Boletus Edulis (Species):   * David McLaughlin (Inspiration):   * Tom Bruns (Inspiration):   * Charles Peck (Inspiration):   * Heimioporus (Mushroom Genus):   * Leaf Cutter Ants:   * Rhodotus palmatus:
1 hr 2 min
The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast
The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast
Tammy Sollenberger
IFS and Inviting Curiosity with Racist Parts with Daphne Fatter
On today's episode, I chat with Dr. Daphne Fatter, certified IFS therapist and a licensed psychologist in private practice in Dallas, Texas. She teaches workshops on white racial socialization for therapists, in addition to teaching on trauma treatment for TZK seminars. She is a trained facilitator by Challenging Racism to lead conversations on race and racism. This is the last episode in the Heirloom Summit Series, and I'm excited to this with Daphne who walks through the Six Stage White Racial Developmental Model by Janet Helms. We also discuss teaching kids about whiteness, privilege and racism. The book that she mentions is "Raising White Kids: Bringing up children in a racially unjust America" by Jennifer Harvey. Daphne has a ton of resources on raising kids to be anti-racist on her website. We talk about trailheads to our protective parts around racism and the parts who try to separate, numb, and disconnect from racism and parts who engage in 'white saviorism.' A list of trailheads is on her website too. -------- Find out more about Daphne here: Her email is: Find out about the workshop she co-leads here: More Information about the White Racial Developmental Model by Jennifer Helms here: She suggests this podcast on Whiteness that is 'too good not to share': For more about 'Calling in' check out: --------- I'd love to connect with you @ifs.tammy on Instagram and Twitter and on Facebook at The One Inside Facebook page. To register for the Heirloom Summit and receive a discount as a listener of TOI go to Enjoy!
53 min
Mental Illness Happy Hour
Mental Illness Happy Hour
Paul Gilmartin
#528 Masculinity - Ted Bunch
Healthy masculinity advocate Ted Bunch sits down with Paul to discuss manhood, misogyny, racism, & raising LGBTQ kids. Ted is the creator of the program A Call to Men and the co-author of The Book of Dares: 100 ways for boys to be kind, bold, and brave. More about Ted Support Our Sponsors! This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp online counseling.  To get a free week go to  Must be 18.  For those under 18 you will be redirected to or can go directly to TeenCounseling at    Other Links Mentioned   WAYS TO HELP THE PODCAST ______________________ Subscribe via iTunes and leave a review.  It costs nothing. ————————————————————————— Spread the word via social media.   It costs nothing. Our website is our FB is and our Twitter and Instagram are both @Mentalpod  -------------------------------------------------------- Become a much-needed Patreon monthly-donor (with occasional rewards) for as little as $1/month at    Become a one-time or monthly donor via Paypal  or Zelle (make payment to ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Try Our Sponsor’s Products/Services --------------------------------------------------- See for privacy information.
1 hr 28 min
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