Jul 14, 2021
Scott MacFarlane on Prosecuting the Insurrection
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Award-winning investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane talks with Ron Steslow about the most critical filings and pivotal moments in the Feds’ ever-growing case against the January 6 insurrectionists.

(00:00) Sounds of January 6, 2021

(02:48) Scott’s Survivor’s Remorse

(04:16) Where the insurrection investigation stands at this moment

(06:45) Three Percenters, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, oh my...

(09:14) The two “tiers” of defendants

(11:02) Corroborating conspiracy

(13:25) Defendants inside and outside the Capitol

(14:20) Who is saying what about the former President?

(17:37) Why aren’t we calling this “terrorism?”

(18:29) Insurrectionists’ hit list

(19:30) Hockey sticks, baseball bats, sharpened American flag poles, an axe, a knife, scissors, a tourniquet, pepper spray, chemical spray, bear spray, guns, brass knuckles, batons, pipes, zip ties, tasers, and stolen police riot shields

(20:51) “My client doesn’t understand how what he did is criminal”

(23:40) Three huge questions remain

(25:50) “The first big sentencing”

(28:00) Politicizing Ashli Babbitt 

(30:10) Why we can’t “just get past this and move on”

(31:50) Reporting facts in a post-truth political environment

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Ron Steslow: https://twitter.com/RonSteslow

Scott MacFarlane: https://twitter.com/MacFarlaneNews

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