Sep 15, 2023
I Was Promised an Impeachment— The Weekly Roundup
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Host Ron Steslow and guests Zack Czajkowski (Principal at Title Fight), Lanae Erickson (Senior Vice President for Social Policy, Education, and Politics at Third Way) , and Jim Swift (Senior Editor at The Bulwark) break down the intra-party politics around the Biden impeachment inquiry and what it could mean for the electoral dynamics in 2024. 

They also discuss the piece by one of Joe Biden’s favorite columnists urging him not to run in 2024. 

Finally, they break down the ruling from the 5th Circuit court of appeals ruling that the White House and some government agencies likely violated the first amendment in their communications with social media companies about content moderation

Segments to look forward to:

(02:41) Biden Impeachment Inquiry

(22:12) Should Joe Biden Run in 2024?

(33:10) What’s the line between coercion and persuasion when government agencies push for content moderation?

[Politicology+] “What Mitt Romney Saw in the Senate,” and why he won’t seek reelection next year. 

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Segment 1: 

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Vanity Fair—Marjorie Taylor Greene: Impeach Biden Now or I'll Shut Down the Government | Vanity Fair

NYT—Trump Privately Encouraged Republican Lawmakers to Impeach Biden - The New York Times

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Segment 2: 

Axios—Biden's words fuel impeachment push

WP—Opinion | President Biden should not run for reelection in 2024 - The Washington Post

Segment 3: 

WP—5th Circuit finds Biden White House, CDC likely violated First Amendment

The FP—The Government Censored Me and Other Scientists. We Fought Back—and Won. | The Free Press

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