Dec 1, 2023
Who’s Buying ‘Bidenomics’?—The Weekly Roundup
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Over 100 of the hostages taken captive by Hamas have been freed over the last week as part of a ceasefire deal with the Israeli government

On this weekly roundup, host Ron Steslow and guests Lucy Caldwell (Board Advisor to the Renew Democracy Initiative  and advisor to the Forward Party) and Liam Donovan (Principal at Bracewell LLP) discuss the deal and the bias in media reporting about the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

Then they look at the “Bidenomics” messaging falling flat, voters' low trust in president Biden to handle the economy, and what he can do to change it before the election. 

Next, they discuss the negotiations in congress over increasing border security in exchange for aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. 

Segments this week:

(02:30) Israel-Hamas 

(28:08) Bidenomics messaging falling flat

(40:04) Border security 

[Politicology+] The power of the administrative state and how Donald Trump could wield it in a second term. 

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Segment 2: 

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Segment 3: 

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