Sep 1, 2023
“A New Club Of Thugs”— The Weekly Roundup
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What will BRICS expansion mean for the United States? 

Is your pension paying for China’s aircraft carriers? 

How did China spend four years conducting an influence campaign on the biggest social media platforms before they were caught?

Why do Republican voters think Donald Trump has the best chance at beating Joe Biden in 2024?

Join our host, Ron Steslow, as he explores the latest political news with this week’s guests: Mike Madrid (Lincoln Project cofounder) and Hagar Chemali (Former spokesperson for the U.S. Mission to the UN).

Segments to look forward to:

(02:44) The BRICS Summit and expansion

(08:01) Breaking down the biggest news about the U.S. China Relationship 

(12:44) China’s real estate market crisis 

(22:40) Is your pension fueling the Chinese military and surveillance state? 

(35:30) Meta executes its largest ever removal of accounts linked to a four-year-long Chinese influence campaign 

(:50) Why Republicans Don’t want to be saved by Donald Trump 

[Politicology+] How Artificial Intelligence will shape our elections and be a tool for bad actors on the world stage.

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Segment 1: 

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Segment 2: 

NYT—The Thing Is, Most Republicans Really Like Trump - The New York Times

Jonathan Last—Joe the Plumber and Partisan Schadenfreude

The Atlantic—The Fourteenth Amendment Fantasy

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