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Creator Science
Sep 27, 2022
#119: Omar Zenhom – Lessons from 200M downloads and 2000+ episodes of a daily podcast
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Omar Zenhom is co-founder and host of the award-winning The $100 MBA Show, which consistently ranks as a top business podcast in over 30 countries and has over 200 million downloads.

As a former school teacher for over a dozen years, Omar decided to apply his natural passion for teaching and learning to the business world. Now, through The $100 MBA Show and his software company, WebinarNinja, Omar has made it his business to help others learn, teach, and grow as entrepreneurs – every single day.

In this episode, we talk about the numbers behind the $100 MBA podcast, his strategy for growing the podcast, his process for publishing a daily show, and why you should really focus on your strengths when you’re getting started.

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00:00 - Today’s Guest

00:37 - Omar Zenhom’s Background

01:50 - What We Learn Today

02:33 - How Being a Teacher Helps Omar Now

04:30 - The Turning Point In Omar’s Career

06:21 - Omar’s 1st Podcast Failed

06:50 - You Should Double Down on Your Strengths

11:43 - How The $100 MBA Show Became a TOP Podcast

16:42 - Omar Loves Helping Entrepreneurs

17:56 - Entrepreneurship is REALLY Hard

18:34 - How Omar Grew The $100 MBA Show

20:13 - How to Sponsor Other People’s Shows

22:03 - Most Effective Cross-Promotion Strategy

23:25 - More Strategies for Podcast Growth

25:33 - How Omar Approaches Audience Retention

29:19 - Does Omar Ever Make Repeat Content?

30:04 - Your Problems All Come From Your Head

32:52 - What it Takes to Make a Daily Podcast

37:05 - Why Omar DOESN’T Do Video

38:58 - How Omar Approaches Making a New Episode

42:43 - Storytelling is Everything

43:42 - How Leading a SaaS Company Impacts Omar as a Creator

45:37 - Documenting Your Process is VERY Important

47:24 - How to Help Listeners Navigate Your Catalog



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