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Creator Science
Sep 19, 2023
[GREATEST HITS] #114: Miss Excel – Engineering virality and earning more than $100,000 in a single day
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Kat Norton energetically teaches Microsoft Excel to individuals, businesses, and educational institutions.

Since launching Miss Excel in June 2020, she has grown a community of over 1,000,000 people on TikTok & Instagram (@miss.excel) through viral Excel trick videos infused with creativity, music, and dance.

Kat was recently awarded the Microsoft MVP Award and has been featured in Business Insider, CNBC, and Entrepreneur Magazine as a pioneer in the "Excel Influencer" space. Kat was also named one of the Top Influencers of 2021 by Forbes.

In this episode, we talk about how Kat overcome her fear and began posting on TikTok, how she thinks about energy management, how she earned $100,000 in a single day, and why all of her progress can be attributed to taking what she calls “Messy Action.”

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00:16 - Weird and Wonderful World of TikTok

00:45 - Kat Norton

01:14 - The pandemic changed everything

02:55 - Kat got a $1 million idea

03:00 - 1st viral TikTok

03:28 - What we learn today

04:12 - Beginnings of Miss Excel

06:44 - Miss Excel becomes a business

07:30 - Did Kat even use TikTok?

08:10 - Overcoming limiting beliefs and anxiety

12:45 - Embracing messy action

14:35 - Kat’s self-imposed bounds on action

18:37 - How to exude positive energy

19:25 - How Kat handled blowing up so quickly

21:50 - Kat NEVER reached out for press

22:50 - How does your energy affect your content?

24:30 - Does Jay smile?

25:45 - How do you reach a higher version of yourself?

26:55 - Energy Management is better than Time Management

30:25 - Jay wants to buy Tony Robbins mini trampoline

30:37 - Kat on her spiritual journal and seeing Tony Robbins

33:23 - Kat’s journey to earn $100,000 in a single day

40:30 - Kat’s tips on going viral

43:20 - What is a good TikTok posting frequency?

45:10 - Miss Excel business model

46:02 - How to make a successful webinar

48:20 - How to structure time to be more productive

50:45 - What has Kat struggled with?

52:31 - What is next for Miss Excel?



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