Fresh Take: Dr. Edward Hallowell on the Newest Science and Essential Strategies for ADHD
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This week we're delighted to be talking to Dr. Edward M. Hallowell– one of the world's leading experts on ADHD. Dr. Hallowell's new book, co-authored with Dr. John J. Ratey, is ADHD 2.0: New Science and Essential Strategies for Thriving with Distraction--From Childhood Through Adulthood.

Dr. Hallowell gives us concrete strategies– and tons of optimism– for those lucky enough to possess what Dr. Hallowell calls the "Variable Attention Stimulus Trait."

Whether you have a child with ADHD, suspect you might, or even have had some lingering thoughts about your own ability to focus– Dr. Hallowell's cutting-edge research and surprising new strategies will fascinate you.

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The My Little Eater Podcast
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#43: The Best Bread for Baby Led Feeding
In this episode, I’m going very specific and sharing my top recommendations for choosing the best bread for your baby! Believe it or not, I actually get asked this question A LOT! Bread can contain a lot of sodium, and some even have harmful ingredients for babies, such as honey, so choosing the right type of bread can be tricky. Plus, have you been in the bakery aisle lately - there’s literally hundreds of choices! I’m not only sharing my expert recommendations on what breads I prefer for babies (I’ll share specific brands I love), but I’m also talking about what to look for in the ingredients in case you can’t find exactly the ones I recommend. AND I’m going to share how to safely serve bread to your baby. Hint-hint: you cannot serve fresh bread to a 6 month old! If you get value from this episode, please remember to subscribe, rate and review it at Apple Podcasts. And please share this episode with a friend who’s starting the solids journey with their baby! Additional Resources: If you’re looking for my top recommendations on how to safely serve all types of foods to your baby, and for all the info on nutrition for your baby, introducing allergens, gagging vs. choking, and more - it’s time to enroll in my Baby Led Feeding online course! My newly revamped version just released, and for the first 30 days, you’ll get access to a 30 day meal plan where I show you exactly what to serve your baby (with over 60 recipes) and the plan takes into account allergens, high iron sources, omega 3’s, and texture progression to ease you into this journey! After March 25th, 2021 that bonus will cost extra, so enroll now to save! ( ALL ABOUT BREAD: INTRODUCING ALLERGENS: BEST FIRST FOODS FOR BABY: HOW TO TOAST BREAD: FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @mylittleeater Skip To… When can I introduce bread? (3:08) Best types of bread for babies (4:00) What ingredients to look for in bread (6:17) My favourites! (10:13) How to serve bread (12:28)
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Therapy Thoughts
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BONUS EPISODE: Social Justice, Self Compassion, and Shame with Lindo Bacon
Just when you thought we had released all the episodes until next season we have another Bonus Episode for you! This is an amazing social justice oriented episode between Lindo Bacon and Tiffany. Can't wait to see you soon for Season 4 of Therapy Thoughts! --- More About Lindo Bacon: Dr. Lindo Bacon is a researcher and former professor, and for nearly two decades taught courses in social justice, health, weight, and nutrition. Dr. Bacon holds a Ph.D. in physiology with a specialty in nutrition, and master’s degrees in psychology and exercise metabolism. Dr. Bacon has mined their deep academic proficiency, their clinical expertise, and their personal experience to write two bestselling books, Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight, and the co-authored Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, or Just Plain Fail to Understand about Weight. Their newly released book, Radical Belonging: How to Survive and Thrive in an Unjust World (While Transforming it for the Better), takes their inspiring message beyond size, to shaping a culture of empathy, equity, and true belonging. Check out Lindo's new book Radical Belonging at You can find Lindo on Twitter and Facebook at @LindoBaconX and on Instagram at @LindoBacon --- © 2020. All Rights Reserved Tiffany Roe, LLC. The Therapy Thoughts Podcast is for general informational purposes only. Not intended to diagnose or treat any condition, illness, or disease. Not intended to be financial, legal, medical or therapeutic advice. --- Support this podcast:
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The VBAC Link
The VBAC Link
Julie Francom & Meagan Heaton
165 Lexus' Cesarean + Birth Trauma Processing
Today’s episode is vulnerable, raw, and beautifully courageous. In the first of a two-part episode series, we meet Lexus. Lexus shares the trauma of her first birth which ended in a crash Cesarean. She walks us through her anxiety, shock, the negligence of the hospital staff, and how she was stripped of the first birth experience she had envisioned. Lexus is currently pregnant with her second baby and is preparing for a VBAC. She shows us how she is finding healing even before her redemptive birth outcome. We can’t wait for Lexus to come back and share her second birth story! We wish birth trauma didn’t exist. We wish we could wave a magic wand and make it all disappear. But here at The VBAC Link, we also know how resilient you are. We see what you overcome. We know what victories you are capable of. We love you and continue to be inspired by you, Women of Strength. Trigger Warning: We know that unfortunately, many of our listeners can relate to the trauma Lexus shares. This episode may bring up unresolved feelings from a previous birth. Please give yourself grace and use discretion when listening. *Additional links* How to VBAC: The Ultimate Preparation Course for Parents ( ) Alexis Joy Center for Perinatal Mental Health ( ) *Episode sponsor* This episode is sponsored by our signature course, How to VBAC: The Ultimate Preparation Course for Parents ( ). It is the most comprehensive VBAC preparation course in the world, perfectly packaged in an online, self-paced, video course. Together, Meagan and Julie have helped over 800 parents get the birth that they wanted, and we are ready to help you too. Head over to ( ) to find out more and sign up today. --------------------- Sponsorship inquiries --------------------- Interested in sponsoring a The VBAC Link podcast? Find out more information here at ( ) or email us at *************** Full transcript *************** Note: All transcripts are edited to correct grammar and to eliminate false starts and filler words. --------------- Trigger Warning --------------- *Meagan:* Hey everyone, this is Meagan. I wanted to drop a little trigger warning here for this awesome episode. This episode is about sharing birth trauma and how to process it leading up to this person‘s VBAC. We just wanted to let you know it may be traumatic listening to it and bring up past fears or feelings that you may have had from your previous birth. Dive right in though, she gets really raw and emotional and shares what she does to work through her trauma. *Meagan:* Hello, hello. It is Wednesday and we have another amazing podcast episode for you today. This is The VBAC Link podcast and you are with Meagan, myself, and our assistant, Sarah, today instead of Julie. Sarah, we are so excited that you are with us. *Sarah:* Oh, I am so excited to be here. *Meagan:* I am going to totally tattletale on Julie. She is normally by the book, on time, total scheduler, like awesome. I am the one that is scatterbrained. When we scheduled today’s podcast, she forgot she had a prior commitment. She is actually getting her teeth drilled right now, so probably not having as much fun as us. Poor Julie. Send her some love over there at the dentist. But we are excited today to be recording with our friend, Lexus. Today’s episode is going to be a little bit different than some of our other episodes. As you know if you have been listening with us, we tend to share VBAC or CBAC stories. Today, Lexus is going to be sharing her C-section story and she is actually pregnant right now, due this year, and hasn’t had her VBAC yet, but is preparing for her VBAC. And so, we want to share her story today and what she is doing to prepare for her VBAC. But of course, before we dive into her awesome story, we want to turn the time over to Sarah to share one of our awesome reviews from one of our listeners. ------------------ Review of the Week ------------------ *Sarah:* Yes. I have a review from Danielle Clady. She left the review on our Google ( ) podcast, which is exciting because we don’t get very many reviews on our Google podcast. She says, “I have been listening to this podcast for MONTHS while I drive for work as I prepare for my VBAC in July.  I recommend it to all expecting moms (including first-time moms) because I WISH I knew about it before my first birth. The podcast is the reason I have hired a doula. Fingers crossed restrictions are lifted and she can come to the hospital!” So exciting. It doesn’t say when. Let’s see, July. So she would’ve had her baby already because she left this review in May. *Meagan* : In May, okay. So if you are listening still, write us and let us know how your birth went. We always love to know the follow-ups. Maybe we should be like Julie and stalk her in our community to see if she is in there and has posted. *Sarah* : Yes. *Meagan:* Do you know what? I love that she said that she recommends it to all first-time moms. That is something that I think is awesome about this podcast. It really isn’t just targeted to people wanting to VBAC. It really is something that all birthers can listen to because we are learning in each episode ways to avoid Cesarean, ways to advocate for ourselves, education pieces on how to help our bodies be ready. It is just so awesome. So if you are someone or if you know someone who is pregnant, or expecting, or wanting to start trying, definitely send them this podcast because we would love to reach all the moms out there and help them achieve the birth of their dreams. *Sarah:* Oh, 100%. I recommend this podcast to everyone I know regardless of if they are first-time moms or if they have already had a baby and didn’t have a Cesarean because there is something in every episode that someone can relate to in their birth. --------------- Episode sponsor --------------- *Julie:* Do you want a VBAC but don’t know where to start? It’s easy to feel like we need to figure it all out on our own. That’s what we used to do, and it was the loneliest and most ineffective thing we have ever done. That’s why Meagan and I created our signature course, How to VBAC: The Ultimate Preparation Course for Parents ( ) , that you can find at ( ). It is the most comprehensive VBAC preparation course in the world, perfectly packaged in an online, self-paced, video course. Together, Meagan and I have helped over 800 parents get the birth that they wanted, and we are ready to help you too. Head on over to ( ) to find out more and sign up today. That’s ( ). See you there. ------------ Lexus’ story ------------ *Meagan:* Okay, we are so excited to dive into this episode. I definitely think that there is going to be some emotion in this because as I have been reading through Lexus‘ story, there were some hard points in her labor, and her journey, and her birth. We a…
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