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As cyber WW3 is waged on our nation, we're told it's Russia, AGAIN? Does that make any sense to you?

Quite Frankly
Quite Frankly
Quite Frankly
"Something Eve" 1/19/21
It's Tuesday before Inauguration Day and we're just going to sift through some headlines, take some calls, and embrace the suck. Support Our Proud Sponsors: Kheyleve Naturals: All-American, Organic Skincare Products, Sourced from the Alaskan Wilderness. Use code 'FRANKLY' for 10% off of all Non-Sale Items: Blue Monster Prep: An Online Superstore for Emergency Preparedness Gear (Storable Food, Water, Filters, Radios, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, and so much more). Use code 'FRANKLY' for Free Shipping on every purchase you make @ SUPPORT the Show and The Future of The Media!: Sponsor through QFTV: Sponsor on Patreon: SubscribeStar: One-Time Gift: Sign up for the Mailing List: BTC: 1EafWUDPHY6y6HQNBjZ4kLWzQJFnE5k9PK LTC: LRs6my7scMxpTD5j7i8WkgBgxpbjXABYXX ETH: 0x80cd26f708815003F11Bd99310a47069320641fC Episodes On Demand: Spotify: iTunes: SoundCloud: Google Play: Stitcher: BitChute: Rumble: CloutHub: Official WebSite: DISCORD Hangout: Quite Frankly Subreddit: Twitter: @PoliticalOrgy Live On: Periscope: Twitch: YouTube: DLive: CloutHub:
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Business Game Changers
Business Game Changers
Sarah Westall
Washington DC Tunnel Systems – How the Real Riot Plans Failed w/ Jessie Czebotar
Jessie Czebotar rejoins the program to explain how the Washington DC tunnel systems are frequently used by the elite Luciferians and how she believes the Military foiled the elites plans to use the tunnels to increase the riots and destruction in Washington DC. We also discuss where we go from here and what is likely to come. See more of Jessie Czebotar's work at Her childhood consisted of rigorous training preparing her for leadership in that system. As such, she has seen this Satanic group from the inside like no one else who has ever come forward to expose their inner workings. C60Complete Black Seed Oil & Curcumin Gel Capsules - Build up Your Immunities & Protect Yourself! The most important thing to take from this interview is to further your understanding of how this Luciferian group operates and what they believe. Even if you do not believe any of this, they do. Without understanding what they believe and how they operate, it’s impossible to understand why they do what they do and how to dismantle and neuter their grip on society. Before you watch this video, be sure to watch the first videos series with Jessie Czebotar to understand the context of this video. You can see the first video of that series here: Deep Inside the Satanic Cabal World Agenda (1of3) Never miss a video due to censorship! Sign up for and see all exclusives including with Jessie Czebotar! Sign up for Consider supporting this channel by joining Patreon at - See exclusive interview with Jessie Czebotar and others, eBooks, discount coupons, and more! MUSIC CREDITS: "The Battle of 1066" by Patrick Patrikios - licensed for broad internet media use, including video and audio       See the full Video on Bitchute or Odysee   See more information on great products, including the C60 BlackSeed Oil Gel Caps, Snake Oil, and much more @   Jessie Czebotar Biography Jessie is a Chaplain who was Saved by God at age 3 but still groomed in the Luciferian Brotherhood Illuminati as the Successor to the Queen Mother of Darkness.  She spent her life fighting the System as a whistle-blower, combating the evils done to Children and Veterans, and restoring those broken by the horrific darkness. See more of her and her work at
51 mins
Turley Talks
Turley Talks
Dr. Steve Turley
Ep. 298 Donald J. Trump – A Truly AMAZING Presidency Like No Other!!!
Highlights: * “The American electorate has largely embraced an America First domestic and international agenda... We have seen nothing less than a sea change in sentiments among the American electorate.” * “Pat is right, Americans simply have lost their appetite for globalism. Every study shows it.” * “If the American electorate and the electorate throughout the world really have shifted towards a nationalist-populist politics for the foreseeable future, the permanent political class, the Davos class is in for a very very rude awakening in this global reset.” * “This was a presidency like no other. This was a first-term like no other. An absolutely astonishing paradigm-shifting presidency that stuck it to the political class in one way or another every single day.” * “It has been an absolute honor to stand by Donald Trump’s side every step of the way for these last four years.” * “The study showed that 92-96% of the coverage of the mainstream media on Trump was negative. Think about that 4% positive. Think about how absurd that is. So why am I going to put anything negative on the guy, I’m gonna stand-up and speak on his behalf. And we’ve been doing that for four years.” * “Trump is a symptom. He’s an indicator of something much deeper going on. And that is the nationalist-populist revolt against the permanent political class, the globalist class all over the world, and that revolt is getting stronger by the day.” Timestamps: * [03:35] How the American electorate embraced an America First domestic and international agenda * [07:14] The effect of the America First agenda on the Republican Party and on the rise of a populist revolt not only in America but all over the world * [12:16] How economic nationalism under Trump has displaced free trade globalism and on closed borders * [14:46] The victory of the GOP presidential vote and Trump’s millions of supporters * [17:23] On the prospects for a Patriot Party and the distinction between the populist right and the populist light * [19:41] Lowering taxes and unemployment rate among black Americans, women and racial and ethnic minorities and the 6-3 majority in the Supreme Court and other astonishing achievements of President Trump * [22:21] How this channel started, how we’re focusing on nationalist-populist conservatism all over the world and on continued support for Donald Trump Resources: * A Historic Presidency by Patrick J. Buchanan * Ideas Have Consequences by Richard M. Weaver * Fight back against Big Tech CENSORSHIP! Subscribe to my GAB PLATFORM: * Subscribe to my Brand-New RUMBLE Channel here: * Find me on BITCHUTE: * Become a Turley Talks Insiders Club Member: Thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and/or leave a review. Do you want to be a part of the podcast and be our sponsor? Click here to partner with us and defy liberal culture! If you would like to get lots of articles on conservative trends make sure to LIKE Dr. Steve Turley’s Facebook Page and sign-up for the 'New Conservative Age Rising' Email Alerts.
30 mins
Pete Santilli Show
Pete Santilli Show
Pete Santilli
PETE SANTILLI SHOW - #2285 - 6PM EASTERN TUESDAY - JANUARY 19, 2021 LIVE BROADCAST:  EP 2285-6PM BREAKING: PRESIDENT TRUMP's FAREWELL ADDRESS - TWITTER BAN's RSBN  President Trump delivered a powerful farewell speech on Tuesday. This speech was not removed or censored by the leftist tech elites. In his final remarks President Donald Trump promised his movement will live on.  In his final remarks President Donald Trump promised his movement will live on. And that was his final speech as president. Let the demons rejoice. SPECIAL GUEST: Victoria Jackson - Victoria supported herself as a cigarette girl and as a typist at the American Cancer Society, waitress at The Kipling Retirement Hotel, and performed stand-up comedy for two years until Johnny Carson put her act (which consisted of her doing a handstand while reciting poetry) on national TV. Following her 22 appearances with Johnny, she starred in many movies and TV shows, most notably, Saturday Night Live (1986-1992). / 🚨HERE’s HOW TO FIND US: LINKS & APPs DASHBOARD ▶▶▶▶  🚨DON’T LET SILICON VALLEY DISCONNECT YOU FROM US!! GET ON OUR FREE TEXT ALERT SYSTEM: Text “RANGE” to 81257 or visit    🚨 Follow our new RUMBLE channel 🚨🚨   (BEST LIVE STREAM & CHAT IS ON DLive: ) 🚧INVEST IN OUR SHOW. We will never be supported by “big-pharma” - we work for YOU!  🚨Donate Via Paypal:  🚨PLEASE DONATE BY MAIL: Check/MoneyOrders Payable to: Peter Santilli - P.O. Box 30122, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230 🚨Donate via Text2Give: Text the word “GIVE” to the following number: (513) 440-4080 WE HAVE A NEW AUDIO-ONLY LISTENER LINE ☎Audio Stream Via Cellphone - "Call-To-Listen" Line: 1-667-930-9232 HERE’s HOW TO FIND US: LINKS & APPs DASHBOARD 🚨CENSORSHIP IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH! MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU ARE ON OUR TEXT ALERT SYSTEM!! SIGNUP FOR FREE: Text “RANGE” to 81257 or visit   🚨 Follow our new RUMBLE channel 🚨🚨 PLEASE SUPPORT US BY SUPPORTING OUR SPONSORS: 😄 Get The Same Tactical Flashlight We Take Everywhere: 🔦 ➡️ ⬅️ Get 20% OFF Using Promo Code PETE20 👉Get The Only Collagen Powder We Use Here: 🍃 ➡️ ⬅️  Get 51% OFF By Clicking The Link Above ^^^  BUY PISTOL PETE’S BEEF JERKY HERE   Get The DLive APP: ☎Audio Stream Via Cellphone - "Call-To-Listen" Line: 1-667-930-9232 📺 Tune In To Our Live Video Stream:   ☎Audio Stream Via Cellphone - "Call-To-Listen" Line: 1-667-930-9232 🔵Show Headlines, Notes & Links:  🔴Show archives exclusively on Brighteon: 🔵Download Our Podcast Daily:  🔵News Headlines: Email List:
2 hrs 55 mins
Blunt Force Truth
Blunt Force Truth
How Is the Government Wasting Your Tax Dollars? - An Interview with Nicholas Giordano
On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark talk with Nicholas Giordano about the ridiculous spending bill that has been passed by our lawmakers.  Today’s show rundown:  · The reason behind the near annual omnibus bill and how our government’s budgeting works  · The lack of accountability when it comes to government spending  · Where are elected officials are shipping our tax dollars abroad  · How we are allowing our education system to fail while funding higher education around the world  · Why Americans will continue to pay for the failures of Democrats for decades to come  · The lack of common sense and critical thinking within our government  · How members of congress are able to amass such wealth during their time in office  · What our national debt really means and how we can get serious about cutting down our debt  More about Nicholas Giordano:  Nicholas Giordano is a Professor of Political Science at Suffolk County Community College and a former Catastrophic Planning Lead for the New York State Office of Emergency Management (NYS OEM). Recognized and well-respected for his analysis, Professor Giordano regularly appears on radio and television, including Fox News, to provide analysis on current issues and trends within government, politics, international relations, homeland security/emergency management, and social/cultural related issues. In addition, he serves as a guest speaker to provide his expertise on critical issues facing the United States and the international community.  It is Professor Giordano’s passion that led him to start The PAS Report because of his unique ability to break down complex political issues and simplify those issues to appeal to everyday Americans.   Connect with Nicholas Giordano:  Website:  Twitter: @PASReport  Facebook: The PAS Report  Give H2Max a try and let us know what you think:  Help us bring you the best content possible. Due to the left’s boycotts of those who advertise with Conservatives, we have had a number of advertisers backout to avoid possible backlash. Support the show and gain access to even more content at  Don’t forget to leave us a voicemail for the chance to have it played on a future episode. You can do so by clicking the link.  Also, check out the store on our website to get your own Blunt Force Truth gear.
1 hr 20 mins
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