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Jan 15, 2021
Top 10 Movies Summary
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In this episode, the crew has a discussion on what were their favorite films of 2020 and have a conversation on what to expect from the film industry moving forward in 2021.

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Random Order Podcast
Random Order Podcast
4YE Comedy
EP76 ⏤ Woman Sleeps with Python..... WHY???
★SHOP 4YE WINTER 2020 COLLECTION — ★ ★ JOIN THE NEW 4YE DISCORD - ★ ★ Don't forget to rate and review Random Order on Apple Podcasts. ★ If you're new here, welcome. Hit that subscribe button & turn on our post notifications so you'll never miss a thing. The Random Order Podcast, powered by the "Free Yayo" movement. Episode 76, we back in our natural habitat and Shellz is back smiling LFGGGG!! This EP we are trying to break down a really interesting story of a pet python refusing to eat his meals because he had bigger plans in mind. We also discuss basketball shorts with no pockets, buying babies $140 Jordans that they'll outgrow in a day, Zoom's 40 minute limit, putting your baby on the phone, ordering off the black market, humans trying to convince us they know what dogs are saying and finally Apple acting brand new when you bring them a 09 Macbook. If you enjoyed this episode be sure to LIKE this video, SUBSCRIBE & HIT THAT BELL to become a true NOTI-GANG EAGLE! Join our DISCORD to stay SUPER connected and don't be afraid to tell your friends what podcast you just SUBSCRIBED to ;) If you're still reading this, tune back in Sunday as we have a special surprise... Shout out to The East Side Boyz. ***** ★NEW VIDEOS BY 4YE★ Get RICH by DROPSHIPPING!! $$$ (Comedy Sketch) — When your Dad gives Directions (Comedy Sketch) — Testing The DJI Pocket 2 & The Worst Vacuum (vlog) — Watch More 4YE ⏤ **** ★All our Eagles be sure to head over to Twitch and follow the guys★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
52 min
Krew Season Podcast
Krew Season Podcast
Krew Season
Episode 37 | "Pondering O"
The fellas return, minus Kenny T, to give you the 37th installment of the Sleeze. Topics today include: (04:36) – Winter Storm Chronicles (15:10) – Kanye/Kim K Divorce (23:38) – Rihanna hits a Billion $ (25:34) – Naomi Osaka defeats Serena Williams (31:10) – Jeff Bezos eclipsed Elon Musk as the richest man in the world (35:17) – Mark Cuban no longer plays national anthem at Mavs games (37:04) – Red Pill Community: Should women be humbled?   *Quick Hits* (50:50) – What’s one thing society would be better without? (01:10:18) – Why is it so easy to take your partner for granted in a relationship?   *Advice Column*  (01:20:41) – She a 9 looks-wise but a 3 personality-wise and broke up with me, should I feel bad? (01:27:33) – What’s the difference between “I love you” and “I’m In love with you?” (01:34:22) – if you walked in on your partner watching a sextape with their ex, how you responding? (01:40:41) – Have weak men provoked an increase in masculine women? (01:51:00) – Should the non-married people feel guilty for cheating with somebody who’s married? (02:02:02) – How to deal with a bitter baby moms? *Songs of the Week*: "Feels" x Tory Lanez x Chris Brown ( "Did Dat" x Lil Trail ( *Patreon*: *Merch*: *Social Media*:  @KrewSeason @TheTrillAC @Smuv__ @KT_Goodrich @Sowell_Fitness
2 hr 21 min
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