Nobody Told Me!
Nobody Told Me!
Oct 30, 2018
CeCe Moore: ...that I wouldn't find my passion until I hit my 40s
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If you'd like to learn more about the rapidly expanding field of genetic genealogy, you're listening to the right show.  Joining us is DNA expert CeCe Moore, an investigative genetic genealogist whose work has helped to solve high profile crime cases and helped connect individuals of unknown parentage with their biological relatives.  You may be familiar with her from 20/20, Dr. Oz, 60 Minutes, and "Finding Your Roots".  In this episode, we ask: 

* what is a genetic genealogist? (1:10) | 

* what makes your work so unique and the results so fast compared to what law enforcement has done in the past with DNA? (1:42) | 

* is the kind of DNA that is used in crime solving different than what everyday people submit to services like and 23andMe? (2:35) | 

* why has the public recently become so interested in using genetic genealogy to solve crimes? (3:08) | 

* what is on the horizon with the field and its use in solving cold cases? (4:45) | 

* how do you choose which cases you take on? (5:38) | 

* does a DNA sample weaken over time? (6:36) | 

* where does the best DNA come from? (8:01) | 

* what is it like to meet with the families of the cold cases victims? (9:43) | 

* what does it feel like to see the suspect in a photograph once you've found the match? (11:35) | 

* what impact is this going to have on deterring violent criminals in the future? (13:08) | 

* how difficult would it be for the average person who is interested in genealogy to help solve genetic genealogy mysteries? (14:01) | 

* how has your work helping people find and reunite with their families (with 'foundlings') been different than your work with cold cases? (15:40) | 

* how did your interest in genealogy change from learning about your own family to helping others learn about theirs? (16:52) | 

* what advice do you have for people who want to determine their true parentage for DNA? where do they start? (19:33) | 

* how has genetic genealogy become easier in the past few decades? (21:15) | 

* what cases have had the most impact on you? (23:23) | 

* do your 'foundling' cases typically have a happy ending? (25:26) | 

* how is DNA going to be used to help identify bodies? (27:00) | 

* do you ever give up on a case? (29:08) | 

* what is your 'nobody told me' lesson? (31:24) | 

* how can people contact you and learn more about genetic genealogy? (32:23) | 

* You can learn about her work with the DNA Detectives by going to

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