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The Memphis Market and Our Next Investment Tour | PREI 098
Apr 9, 2018 · 26 min
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Memphis is a consistent and stable market. Mark brings back James, one of their team members out in the local market, to talk about the Memphis market and amazing things on the two-day Memphis investment property tour. He also talks about investing in Memphis and why it’s such a great cash flow market. James and his team has renovated, purchased, and sold over 235 single-family homes in Memphis, Tennessee that cash flow well and rent for very high-dollar amounts, making the cash on cash returns very attractive. Learn more about how you can invest in Memphis on the next investment tour. — I want to talk about Memphis and our next upcoming Memphis Investment Tour. For many of you, you know that we did a property/investment tour. I believe it was around the September, October timeframe. If you go back to an earlier episode, you will know that we talked about the Memphis Market and why invest in Memphis and why it’s such a great cashflow market. We can actually look back and talk about what we did on this two-day Memphis Investment and Property Tour because it was quite amazing. There was a lot of great content and education. We had some great speakers from all over the country and it was all packed into one and a half days. It’s happening again. We’re having another event in May and it’s an opportune time because they happen to have this world-famous barbecue festival or event that goes on. The timing is purposely done to coincide with that event. I brought James back on the show here. For those of you that don’t remember, James leads the team that we work with in Memphis. They are a great company and a great provider in terms of putting out fantastic income producing rental properties. In 2017, James and his team purchased, renovated and sold over 235 single-family homes in Memphis, Tennessee. The average prices of those properties were a $101,000. We’re not talking super expensive properties. They’re affordable. They cashflow well. They rent for a very high dollar amount making the cash-on-cash returns very attractive. These are great income-producing properties. James and his team in conjunction with our team here work with investors around the world to help you guys create passive income. As one of our top turnkey providers and partners in the Memphis market, they’ve now ventured out into building some new construction homes. They’ve built 23, 24 and they are ramping that up. That’s going to be a new thing that we’re introducing to you as well as on this Investment Tour. I don’t want to take all of James’ thunder. With that I want to welcome, James. If you missed our last episode, be sure to listen to From Zero to 35 Rentals in 4 Years – A Client Success Story. Enjoy the show! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Download your FREE copy of: The Ultimate Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing. Get your FREE coffee mug by leaving us a Rating and Review on iTunes. Here’s how. See our available Turnkey Cash-Flow Rental Properties. Please give us a RATING & REVIEW (Thank you!) SUBSCRIBE on iTunes | Stitcher | Podcast Feed Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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