Bonus Episode: Jessi visits So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
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On Monday, award-winning financial strategist, TV host, and bestselling author Farnoosh Torabi talked with Jessi here on Hello Monday about the intersection of money and career. On the same day, Jessi visited Farnoosh's show, So Money, for this conversation on the future of work and the disproportionate impact of the pandemic and recession on women.

The Modern Manager: Create and Lead Successful Teams
The Modern Manager: Create and Lead Successful Teams
Mamie Kanfer Stewart
136: Easily Document Processes and Procedures with Owen McGab Enaohwo
Process documentation often feels like a burden. Who has time to write down all the steps, detailed instructions, with screenshots, no less. In reality, we often spend more time communicating and fixing process issues because of a lack of documentation. Sharing information verbally makes it hard to remember and leaves no path for future reference. When you document your processes, you open the door for greater autonomy and improved productivity. Today’s guest is Owen McGab Enaohwo. Owen is the CEO and Co-Founder of SweetProcess; an easy-to-use and intuitive business process management software founded in 2013. The software makes it possible for company executives and their employees to collaborate together to quickly document standard operating procedures, processes, and policies. Owen and I talk about the importance of documenting your processes and procedures, how to do that documentation effectively and efficiently so it doesn’t feel like a burden, and why using a process specific software like SweetProcess is useful. For an extended free trial and reduced price for SweetProcess go to Members of the Modern Manager community get a 30-minute session with me to facilitate process documentation or answer questions / provide feedback on your documentation. Learn more and become a member at Subscribe to my newsletter to get episodes, articles and free mini-guides delivered to your inbox. Read the related blog article: How And Why To Document Your Processes Collaboratively Key Takeaways: * While documenting processes can feel time consuming, it saves time in the long run. * When we do effective, collaborative documentation, we give our team members time to focus on improving their game rather than on understanding basic operating information. * When critical information is documented, you can provide greater freedom and autonomy for your team members to do their jobs creatively. * There are three main areas of documentation. A procedure is a checklist of steps to accomplish a certain task, like directions from how to get from point A to point B. A policy is information - such as a dress code policy or vacation policy - that provides general guidelines. A Process is a longer, complicated set of tasks that involve many steps. For each step in a process, there are often procedures or policies. * To begin documentation, start with either the most common workflow / task-related questions that come up, the tasks that will most help your team achieve its goals, or the tasks where accuracy is most critical. * Start small by documenting the title of the procedure and the main steps. Get your whole team involved to fill in additional detail and provide enhancements as time goes on. * While performing documented tasks, employees have the opportunity to update missing or inaccurate information in the documentation. * Documenting work processes is a constant work in process; as you learn, you can improve the procedures. * Mistakes are opportunities to figure out the real problem. If a documented task is still not done properly, consider if the issue is with the process, the documentation, a lack of skill or motivation, or capacity. Additional Resources: * * Sweet Process webinar: *
31 min
Digital HR Leaders with David Green
Digital HR Leaders with David Green
David Green
51. The Future of HR with Dave Ulrich, Brigette McInnis-Day (Google) and Rupert Morrison (orgvue)
Welcome to the first episode of series 11 of The Digital HR Leaders podcast. As I wrote in my annual list of HR predictions for 2021, which we covered on last week's episode, the pandemic has thrust the Human Resources function into the spotlight. All eyes are on HR. Some have likened the pivotal role the CHRO is playing in this crisis to that played by the CFO in the global financial crisis. Undoubtedly HR has a unique role to play, but how does the function shift towards generating value for the business, the customer, the workforce, investors and the community at large? We decided to bring an esteemed panel of three experts together to debate the topic. Firstly, Brigette McInnis-Day Head of HR at Google Cloud, where she focuses on attracting and developing amazing talent and shaping the culture for business growth and transformation. Secondly, we have Dave Ulrich, Professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and co-founder of the RBL Group. With his colleagues, Dave has written over 30 books that have shaped the HR profession, defined organisations of capabilities and shown the impact of leadership on customer and investors. Last but not least Rupert Morrison, who is leading the way in data-driven organisational planning as CEO at orgvue. He has also authored a Chartered Management Institute shortlisted book of the year on data-driven organisational design. In our conversation the panel and I discuss: * The impact of the pandemic on organisations, employees and HR * How HR can be more value and business focused * The skills that Google looks for in its HR business partners and how Google measures its culture * The impact of the pandemic on workforce planning, organisational design and people analytics * What HR can do in 2021 to capture more value for the business This episode is a must listen for anyone interested or involved in HR and how it can create value for the organisation. So that is business leaders, CHROs and anyone in an organisation design, people analytics or HR business partner role. Support for this podcast is brought to you by orgvue . To learn more, visit
56 min
Teach Me, Teacher
Teach Me, Teacher
Teach Me, Teacher LLC
#193 Everything is for the Kids with CJ Reynolds (pt.1)
Hello everyone! Educators DO A LOT to make sure kids get the content they need. They stay late to tutor. They craft lessons on the weekends and over breaks. They think and plan, and think and plan, and do it because it is all for the kids! One of my favorite educators modeling this right now is the wonderful CJ Reynolds, author of the fantastic book, Teach Your Class Off. In this episode we talk about how CJ believes we should all be going the extra mile to build quality relationships with students, and meeting them where they are through their interests. We talk about how this approach came about for him, and how his life led him to a career of being the teacher he needed as a kid. I loved this one!     This episode is sponsored by Heinemann—the leading publisher of professional books and resources for educators—and their new book Connecting with Students Online by Jennifer Serravallo. This book’s been getting a lot of buzz because finally someone is getting down to the nitty gritty details of effective online teaching during an unprecedented crisis. Jen Serravallo keeps the focus on what teachers do best: build relationships with students that drive learning and progress. And she shows how to do it remotely. She offers 55 streamlined instructional strategies we can use right away. Everything from conferring to small groups to communicating with a child’s parents or caregivers. Like everything Jen writes, Connecting with Students Online is accessible and respectful of teacher’s time. It’s filled with ready-to-use suggestions, and you don’t need a school technologist to implement them. You’ll find something here to help everyone in your classroom grow, even if you can’t be with them in person. Best of all, Jen will donate a portion of the proceeds from this book to organizations that help children directly impacted by COVID-19. If you don’t have Jennifer Serravallo’s Connecting with Students Online, head over to to read a sample chapter and find out what you’re missing. Or order yourself a copy. You’ll help yourself, your kids, and children struggling because of this this pandemic.
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