Fight Night
Fight Night
Nov 23, 2020
Fight Night
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Muhammad Ali steps back into the ring for the first time in over three years. The robbers place themselves in position for the heist as the partygoers leave the Municipal Auditorium in Atlanta. The mastermind sets his plan in motion.

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The Mike Herrera Podcast
The Mike Herrera Podcast
Mike Herrera
#342 with Linh Le
Linh Le is an American Musician most known for playing in the band, Bad Cop/Bad Cop. An American pop punk band from Southern California, United States. Currently signed with Fat Wreck Chords. Linh Le on Instagram Bad Cop/Bad Cop on Instagram I met the Bad Cop/Bad Cop ladies out on tour and we were gonna do a podcast leading up to our show together in Salt Lake City and then Covid-19 happened and the rest is history. I got to talk to Linh about all the things! Enjoy this one. -on life -bass playing -musical inspiration -journal writing -songwriting process -her band Bad Cop/Bad Cop Promo Photo by Lisa Johnson ------------------------- MXPX INFO BELOW: MXPX Live JANUARY 15 and 30th 2021! Listen to the NEW Goldfinger Album: Never Look Back ------------------------- Have you subscribed to the pod? Big Thanks to RØDE MICS --------------------------------------------------- LIFE IN QUARANTINE - THE COLLECTION HOMEWARD BOUND! TEXT LIST - Join our Text list by texting MXPX to 31996 Merch still available at MUSIC -LISTENER CHALLENGE- Listen to MXPX Self Titled Deluxe Album at least once a day. Use hashtag #mxpx or #mxpxsuperchallenge The MXPX Super Challenge Playlist Big link to everything MXPX BAND LINK MXPX - Self Titled Deluxe Edition Mike Herrera - Moment's Like These: TX Mike Herrera - Superman - LISTEN HERE! I now have an Artist Series Music Man Stingray from Ernie Ball! You can order straight from the shop on the Music Man website. A portion of proceeds goes to MusicCares! MIKE HERRERA SIGNATURE SERIES BASS If you like the podcast- Subscribe, rate and review on Apple. Support what I do at Leave a message with your question on the Mike Herrera Podcast voicemail. (some could be aired on future episodes of the podcast) 360-830-6660 (US number) 3 min limit per message.
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Old St. Pat's Podcast
Old St. Pat's Podcast
Old St. Patrick's Church, Father Bryan Massingale, Fr. Bryan Massingale
Come Holy Spirit! - Fr. Tom Hurley 1.10.21
After our nation’s capital was overrun by an unruly mob and the 117th U.S. Congress was criminally interrupted on January 6th, Fr. Bryan Massingale, the Old St. Pat's Crossroads Lecture Series Speaker last August, wrote the following: _St. Pope John Paul II declared, “Truth is the mother, basis, and foundation of justice.” What we saw today is the consequence when truth is ignored, trampled and dismissed, and when lies are repeated, winked at or cynically embraced. We cannot have justice when charade passes for reality, when racist delusion is passed by in silence, when political cynicism passes for public service. - Fr. Bryan Massingale_ Fr. Massingale is a professor of theological and social ethics at Fordham University in New York and the author of Racial Justice and the Catholic Church (Orbis, 2010). As we at Old St. Pat's consider last week’s events and the state of our country, let us reflect on the spirit of Christ’s Gospels and how we are called to individually and communally respond to them. In today’s episode, Father Tom Hurley prays that the holy spirit comes and opens our eyes to help us be healers of our nation. We also invite you to take a moment to pray this prayer for Mercy composed by Director of Ministries, Keara Ette: For all the ways that Christianity and Catholicism have been complicit in this evil ... Lord, have mercy. For the ways in which the Christian and Catholic communities have failed to courageously seek transformation ... Christ, have mercy. For the ways in which we will, even with sincere hearts and intentions, make mistakes in the work that is ahead of us ... Lord, have mercy. May the God who inexplicably offers mercy to a people who keep hurting one another, forgetting they belong to one another ... May that God not give up on us and keep sending the Spirit to renew the face of our nation and our world. Amen. To read Fr. Massingale’s complete article in _America Magazine: The Jesuit Review please visit: _ To watch, _How to make spiritual sense of the attack on the Capitol; Behind the Story, A Conversation with Fr. Bryan Massingale, please visit: _
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