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Curious origin stories and bizarre dangers are all on display in the Cabinet today.

Crimes of the Centuries
Crimes of the Centuries
Obsessed Network
16: Richard Speck: Born to Raise Hell
On July 14, 1966, Chicago residents awoke to horrific news: Eight young nurses had been brutally killed in their dorm-style housing overnight. The killer had lost count of his victims and left one survivor, and soon, the hunt for Illinois-born and Texas-raised felon Richard Speck was on. The case, which gave birth to the phrase "random mass murder," would "shatter our innocence," according to the lead prosecutor in the highly publicized trial. It remains one of the most horrific crimes in the annals of American true crime. "Crimes of the Centuries (https://www.centuriespod.com/) " is a new podcast from the Obsessed Network (https://www.obsessednetwork.com/) exploring forgotten crimes from times past that made a mark and helped change history. Follow us on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/centuriespod/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/centuriespod) : @centuriespod Episode Sponsors: Best Fiends (https://bestfiends.com/) : Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Feals (https://feals.com/?utm_source=cotc&utm_campaign=flight-1&utm_content=50-offer&utm_medium=podcast) : Get 50% off your first order at feals.com/cotc (https://feals.com/?utm_source=cotc&utm_campaign=flight-1&utm_content=50-offer&utm_medium=podcast) . AMC Shudder (https://www.shudder.com/) : Try Shudder free for 30 days at shudder.com (https://www.shudder.com/) and use promo code COTC. Audible (https://www.audible.com/cotc) : Visit https://www.audible.com/cotc or text COTC to 500-500.
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