Paper Ghosts
Paper Ghosts
Sep 9, 2020
1. The Dead Butterfly
41 min

Janice Pockett was only 7 years old when she went missing during the summer of 1973. She had been given permission for the first time to ride her bike alone, so she made her way down the dirt road near her family’s home. As she turned the corner, it was the last time anybody ever saw her again. For decades, the case has remained unsolved. It was not until recently, when a new piece of information turns the case upside down and shifts the investigation in an entirely new direction.

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Real Crime Profile
Real Crime Profile
Real Crime Profile / Wondery
Jan Broberg and “Abducted in Plain Sight”, Part 1
Lisa, Jim and Laura, sit down with a very special guest this week. In 2013, Lisa cast actress Jan Broberg on an episode of Criminal Minds, as a mother in despair that her son had been kidnapped. What Lisa didn’t know was that in real life, Jan herself had been kidnapped, not once, but TWICE by a close family friend. Years later, Jan would tell her incredible story in the Netflix documentary “Abducted in Plain Sight”. Jim and Laura break down this offender’s behavior and his grooming of not only Jan, but of her family and an entire community. Laura teaches Jan a very important term she had never heard of before regarding her own case...“coercive control”. You won’t want to miss this. You can watch the trailer here: #hernameisJanBroberg #netflix #abductedinplainsight We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generous support that allows us to bring you our show. Please check out their special offers for our RCP listeners. CALIPER CBD Interested in trying CBD for stress, pain, soreness and to sleep easier? Meet Caliper CBD a better way to consume CBD. Unlike CBD oils, Caliper CBD is a powder that is completely tasteless and mixes easily with any food or drink. Caliper is completely THC-free. All-natural, non-GMO ingredients—no fillers, added chemicals, or artificial flavors. It’s clinically proven that you absorb 450% more CBD with Caliper CBD powder compared to tinctures. And Caliper gives you all the benefits of CBD in just 15 minutes—about twice as fast as CBD oil. Get 20% off your first order when you use promo code REALCRIME at You can try Caliper CBD risk-free for 30 days. If you don’t love it they’ll give you a full refund! That’s Don’t forget promo code REALCRIME for 20% off your first order! KILLER CASTING PODCAST Can’t get enough of watching crime dramas, and many other tales of the dark and twisty, like Mindhunter, Fargo, or Criminal UK …than you will def want to join me Lisa Z, on my new podcast Killer Casting. My cohosts Brian Alan Hill and Dean Laffan and I analyze, and celebrate the shows and movies we love…and help you find your next big binge. if you love deep diving on a show’s acting, writing, direction, and yes wardrobe and wallpaper, then you’ll love listening to Killer Casting. Plus we have special guests like Joe Mantegna from Criminal Minds. Subscribe now to Killer Casting on apple podcasts, google play or wherever you listen to your podcasts. The Making of True Crime - A Live Virtual Event.  Join Laura Richards from Real Crime Profile next Tue Dec 8th @ 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific for a LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT!  This is a gathering with some of the biggest and best True Crime Storytellers in the Podcasting World, including Rabia Chaudry of Undisclosed, Payne Lindsey from Up and Vanished and Josh Dean from Chameleon. Go to to watch the live event.
46 min
Invisible Choir
Invisible Choir
Reach Freaks
Angel Ashley (Part Two)
(Part 2/2) 31-year-old Ashley Young of Kalamazoo, MI mysteriously vanishes after a night out on the town in Grand Rapids with an old friend in 2018. Police are slow to begin investigating her missing persons report, so Ashley’s mother Kristine sets off on an investigation of her own. One that eventually sets into motion a series of events that will ultimately reveal a grisly crime scene - and a purported multigenerational cover-up. This episode of Invisible Choir is proudly sponsored by Podcorn. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up at This episode of Invisible Choir is proudly sponsored by Best Fiends. Download this fun and exciting puzzle adventure game on the Apple App Store or on Google Special Podcast Promo: The Shattered Window Visit Invisible Choir on the web: * Patreon - Invisible Choir Premium: * Website: * Facebook: * Instagram: * Twitter: Written/Audio Sources: * Police video: Arresting Jared Chance * Suspect’s brother takes stand in murder, dismemberment case * Entire Jared Chance jailhouse interview * Prosecutor lays out case against Jared Chance's father * Allegations of murder, mutilation and coverup: Timeline in Ashley Young's slaying * ‘Where the hell is she?’ Mom panicked after daughter, later found dismembered, went missing * Mother testifies about panicked search for daughter * JARED CHANCE SENTENCED * Chance’s police career ‘relevant’ to alleged cover-up, judge rules * Chance father’s trial begins; accused of helping son hide body * Jared Chance guilty of killing, dismembering Ashley Young * Prosecutor lays out evidence against Jared Chance * ‘Sunshine of your life,’ friends describe woman whose remains found in man’s basement * Watch mother of Ashley Young address her daughter's killer * Killer’s parents get jail time in Ashley Young case * Father of Ashley Young addresses killer * Step brother of Ashley Young adresses killer * Brother: Jared Chance 'very disturbed' after Ashley Young's death * Mother of victim pleads for death penalty for "coward" killer * Man who found bloody tarp suspected Jared Chance in killing, dismemberment * Neighbor testifies that Jared Chance bragged of knowing how to get away with murder * Police reports: History of bizarre behavior at Chance home * Bartender noted no trouble between Jared Chance, young woman he allegedly killed, dismembered * DNA: Blood on saw at Chance house in Holland is murder victim’s * Grand Haven mother prepares for murder trial in daughter’s death * Man accused of murder, dismemberment has history of run-ins with police * Father overwhelmed when son admits killing, mutilating young woman, defense says * Jared Chance’s brother testifies in father’s trial * Parents of convicted killer Jared Chance get jail for their roles after the crime * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 1 - PART 1 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 1 - PART 2 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 1 - PART 3 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 2 - PART 1 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 2 - PART 2 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 2 - PART 3 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 2 - PART 4 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 2 - PART 5 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 2 - PART 6 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 3 - PART 1 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 3 - PART 2 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 3 - PART 3 * JARED CHANCE TRIAL - DAY 3 - PART 4 Music & Sound Effect Sources * Opening Track: “Dance of the Dying Swan” by Enoch Yang * Closing Track: “Lights Out” by Tru Genesis Music & Sound Effect Sources All music and sound effects used with express permission under unlimited blanket license authority from Epidemic Sound® and SoundStripe®. Individual sources are available via request at
1 hr 6 min
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