The Pilot/My First Day
Play • 1 hr 14 min

Zach and Donald talk about filming in an abandoned hospital, discuss the audition process, and explain why they were so starstruck by Sarah Chalke, aka Dr. Eliot. 

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A Conversation With...
A Conversation With...
Philip DeFranco
Matt Mercer Talks Critical Role, Body Dysmorphia, Cancel Culture, Internet A$$holes & More Ep. 46
Special thanks to Skillshare - , LUCY - & Use Code ‘PHIL’, DoorDash - Download App & Use Code ‘DEFRANCO’, & Upstart - for sponsoring!  WATCH Previous Podcast:  Get More Matthew Mercer:   ———————————— Click on  for limited edition merch! Ends soon.  New episode Every Other Wednesday! Subscribe:  LISTEN to the audio podcasts:  SUBSCRIBE to ACW Clips:  ———————————— 00:00 - START 02:25 - Felicia Day  - Geek & Sundry  06:12 - Being a People Pleaser/Empathic Person  09:34 - Dealing with Online Hate  12:57 - Critical Role  15:13 - CR Being Creator Owned  16:40 - How long do you want to do this?  21:00 - Phil Cancel Culture Rant  25:48 - Name Changing Buddies  30:49 - Middle School/High School Matt 35:58 - CD Projekt Red Controversy  40:38 - How do you get into the hobby of D&D? 49:03 - Would you classify what you do as a form of improv?  53:35 - Stephen Colbert Story 56:36 - Job Most Excited to Get, And Worst?  01:02:35 - Marisha Was “Sexy Ninja Girl”  01:07:03 - What does the PDS look like in 5 years? 01:11:36 - Men Don’t Talk About Mental Health Enough  01:17:21 - Amazing Race Audition Story  01:22:35 - Matt’s Hair Care Routine  01:23:17 - Career in Live Action  01:24:57 - Matt’s Thunder Sound Effects 01:27:23 - Solo Projects  01:39:34 - Who on the cast would take over DM?  01:41:07 - Carter F Word Story  01:44:13 - Capitol Attack Sadness 01:50:33 - How did you propose?  01:57:47 - My family was homeless living in our van  02:00:18 - What’s a piece of advice you’d give to someone?  ————————————  THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:  -Special thanks to Skillshare -   -Go to and use promo code PHIL at checkout to get 20% off your first order! -Get $5 off your first order and zero delivery fees for a month when you download the DoorDash app in the App Store and enter code DEFRANCO. - Go to to find out how much you can save! ———————————— FOLLOW ME OFF YOUTUBE: ———————————— Edited by: William Crespo  Executive Producer: Amanda Morones - Art Director & Motion Graphics Artist: Brian Borst - Production & Photography: Zack Taylor - #CritcalRole #PhilipDeFranco #AConversationWith
2 hr 2 min
Evan and Katelyn Podcast
Evan and Katelyn Podcast
Evan and Katelyn
#078 The Ice Storm
2021 is throwing punches again, this time: the coldest temperatures in TX in 50-100 years depending on where you live. This podcast is a more casual story time format of how things went down for us. See our Show Notes and Things of the Week below! 👇 Want more E&K videos? We have more channels: 🛠️ Main channel: 🎮 Gaming: 🎮 Gaming Uncut: 👫 E&K TBD: 💁‍♂️ Evan’s thing of the week: solar and generators We have the Goal Zero 3000: But the newer version is the 3000x: We also have these solar panels: (100 BC) Solar panels are joined by this: Run into our house along this cable: Connectors added to cable: Ratcheting crimp for connectors: The dual fuel little generator for cloudy weather 🙌 SOCIAL/SUPPORT LINKS 🙌 💵 Patreon 👕 Merch 🎮 Twitch live streams 📸 Instagram & 📣 Twitter: @evanandkatelyn 👽 Reddit 💬 Discord 🔊 You can also listen via: YouTube - Soundcloud - Apple podcasts - Pocket casts - Overcast - Castbox - Spotify - Google play music - Stitcher - PlayerFM - Google podcasts - 🎙️ PODCAST GEAR (affiliate)
53 min
Do Go On
Do Go On
Planet Broadcasting
279 - World War One (part one)
The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (episode 276) kicked off one of the deadliest wars of all time, this episode is about World War One (aka the Great War aka the War To End All Wars). Buy tickets to our four live Melbourne podcasts on March 28, April 4,11 and 18:   Buy tickets to Matt’s stand up MICF show ‘Nostalgia Was Better When I Was A Boy’ :   Matt’s New Interview Show: ‘Matt Your Heroes’:   Support the show and get rewards like bonus episodes:   Buy tickets to our streamed shows (there are 12 available to watch now! All with exclusive extra sections):   Check out our AACTA nominated web series:​   Submit a topic idea directly to the hat:   Twitter: @DoGoOnPod Instagram: @DoGoOnPod Facebook: Email us:   Check out our other podcasts: Book Cheat: Prime Mates: Listen Now:   Our awesome theme song by Evan Munro-Smith and logo by Peader Thomas   REFERENCES AND FURTHER READING: See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 48 min
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