WOMEN OF HISTORY: Olga of Kiev (? - 969 AD)
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Have you heard of Olga of Kiev? She was the first woman to rule Ancient Russia and she’s famous for cleverly outsmarting and defeating her rivals (who are the ones who murdered her husband), as well as for her conversion and commitment to the spread of Christianity in eastern Europe. She’s got a reputation as both a “vengeful murder princess” as well as literal Sainthood in the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. 


The story of Olga’s revenge against her husband’s murderers is colorful and kinda long, so check out the podcast wherever you like listening to podcasts in order to hear more. But, here’s a teaser: it includes burying a group of men alive, burning down a bathhouse full of another group of men, a year long war, and burning down an entire city to the ground, Khaleesi-style.


Olga was a feminist badass who wasn’t afraid to stand up to anyone, who knew her worth and value, and on top of all of it, she was a really good leader who made serious governmental progress for her people.



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