WOMEN OF HISTORY: Hypatia (? - 415 AD)
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Meet Hypatia, the world’s first known female mathematician AND the world’s first known female philosopher. She was also the greatest mathematician and greatest philosopher of her time, which is a title that no other woman in history can claim. 


Hypatia was an extraordinarily talented and accomplished scholar in Alexandria at an extremely tense time. Scholars of all faiths came from far and wide just for the opportunity to learn from her. She traveled around town in dark philosopher’s robes and was known for giving spontaneous philosophic speeches. Hypatia never married, instead prioritizing her studies and teachings.


Unfortunately, the Christian faction that rose to power during the height of Hypatia’s lifetime was brutally violent and intolerant of other religions. Hypatia was Pagan, though she taught to many Christians, Jews, and Pagans alike. Due to both her gender and religion, she was a targeted victim of a disturbingly violent murder. 


Today, Hypatia is heralded as one of the world’s first feminist icons, for her accomplishments and contributions to the fields of math, astronomy, and philosophy; for achieving her power, status, and respect completely independently in a time where women were not accepted or followed as intellectual equals, let alone superiors; and for her brutal death at the hands of an intolerant, sexist, oppressive government. 



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