TODAY'S WOMEN: Jameela Jamil (UK)
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Today’s Iconic Woman is Jameela Jamil. She’s an incredible comedic actress, model, and radio presenter… but she’s also a writer and an activist! She’s particularly passionate about accessibility and women’s rights, especially regarding women’s value beyond their body shape or size.


One of the best parts of following Jameela on social media or listening to her interviews is how open and transparent she is about simultaneously not taking herself too seriously, but taking her time and her opportunity at life to do seriously good work. 


She is comedic and vulnerable, making us laugh and easily relating to other women from all walks of life all over the world, not projecting a false image of perfection or a perfectly curated social media feed. 


And, by exposing us to all of the ways she is normal and imperfect, it makes her even more lovable. 


But despite this fun-loving, unserious personality, she takes “doing good” extremely seriously. She lives her life like her time here is limited and she wants to do as much good as she possibly can while she’s here.


I hope you follow Jameela and IWeigh on social media, and I hope she inspires you to embrace who you are in all of your imperfect glory... and also that she simultaneously inspires you and motivates you to take action to be a GOOD person and to make space for all the other gloriously imperfect people around you.



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