TODAY'S WOMEN: Stacey Abrams (USA)
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There are so many iconic stories of women who impacted this election but there’s one that arguably contributed more than maybe any other.


Stacey Abrams is an American politician, lawyer, author, and voting rights activist from Georgia. She served in the Georgia House of Representatives for 10 years before running for Governor in 2018 against Brian Kemp, who was then Georgia’s secretary of state. During that election, there was an unbelievable amount of corruption, interference, and massive voter suppression - orchestrated in part by Kemp himself, who ended up winning the election and defeating Stacey, preventing her from becoming the first Black female state Governor.


In 2018, over 53,000 voter registration applications were put on hold by Kemp’s office - with more than ¾ of those belonging to minorities. Furthermore, 75% of the polling places in majority poor, Black rural Georgia were closed prior to the 2018 election. Additionally, many voters who were able to register were turned away at the polls - 534,000 Georgian voter registrations were purged between 2016 and 2017, and voters were given no notice that their registrations had been purged. Kemp was ultimately sued, but his office denied any wrongdoing, claiming that it was all part of normal procedure.


Stacey only lost the election by 50,000 votes. Though she considered mounting a legal challenge to the election results, she instead decided to bow out and end her campaign… to go on to create Fair Fight Action - a voting rights nonprofit organization that sued the Secretary of State and the state election board in federal court for voter suppression. As an offshoot of Fair Fight Action, Stacey also founded Fair Fight 2020, an organization to assist Democrats financially and technically to build voter protection teams in 20 states. 

These efforts had MASSIVE results in our recent US election - in which every battleground state, even the surprising ones, had unprecedented voter turnout especially among minority communities, leading to Joe Biden’s projected electoral college and popular vote incredible wins.


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