S213: The Hijacker, Part 2 - Martin McNally
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Martin McNally needed some cash, so what did he do? He hijacked an American Airlines flight with 90 passengers on board.

If you haven’t listened to part one, check that out first.

Today’s episode, picks up where we last left off. It’s 1972, and Martin McNally just hijacked a plane heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma. His plan was simple… Demand a half a million dollars, jump out of the plane, and disappear into the darkness of night.

After 15 seconds of freefall, McNally pulls the ripcord. He begins to spin out of control. The parachute whips out and blasts him in the face. McNally looks up at the canopy as it pulls him away from the Earth. Then he looks down, and he realizes that the money bag slipped out of his hands.

What now? He’s beat up, he lost all the money, and by the time he reaches the ground, there will be hundreds of FBI agents searching for him. What’s the point? McNally, considers ending it all.

You definitely want to check out the rest of this story.

This story was produced by Chris Knittel with the Burner Phone Podcast and was written and edited by me, Javier Leiva.


Chief of Police for Peru Indiana picks up Martin McNally | New York Times Article

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