S507: The Prank Call part 3
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When does a prank call go too far? When it leads to sexual abuse and thousands of dollars worth of destruction. 


The punks at Pranknet are believed to be responsible for tens of thousands of dollars worth in damages. They often called restaurants making employees set off sprinklers systems and fire alarms. Sometimes they would even call hotel guests directly and convince them to shatter hotel windows.

An ESPN reporter falls for a Pranknet hoax

Nobody is safe from PrankNet's mayhem. Even Elizabeth Moreau, an ESPN reporter, was persuaded to swing a toilet seat across her Hilton Garden Inn window in the middle of the night. She thought there was a gas leak in the building. All of these calls were recorded and posted on Youtube. You can hear the desperation in her voice during the call

Who is behind PrankNet?

The mastermind behind PrankNet is allegedly a Canadian man who goes by the name of Dex. Dex, who’s real name is Tariq Malik, is clearly proud of his work. However, when exposed by an internet blog, he vanished without a trace. 

A prank caller confesses

I wanted to learn more about PrankNet and how they operate. The question is, could I get one of them to talk with me? Fortunately, Jeri Batsford, a former PrankNet member, deflected from the group. 

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Today’s show was written by Javier Leiva and edited by Logan Castrodale.

Our theme music was written and composed by Joe Basile with TheChicken.net.

Additional music by Blue Dot Sessions and Podington Bear.


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