S402: The Soccer Mom
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Every night, Marie Walsh had the same nightmare.If only she could roll over and tell her husband the truth. But she can’t. Tonight, she’s going to have to suffer alone.

Marie says, "I had a dream where they were chasing me and chasing me." But one night, Marie's nightmare was different.

"I finally got away. I was finally free, and they wouldn't be able to catch me. And I woke up feeling really happy. After all those years of being a nightmare, I'd finally gotten away."

But what was Marie running from? After all, she was just a middle-aged suburban mom who lived an unremarkable life.

"I was a middle-aged mother of three in a suburb of San Diego, California. I was a soccer mom. That's kind of what I did."

Every day revolved around her kids. "It was not that glamorous or exciting."

It was just this very average life. An average life that she’s worked so hard to keep. But one night, her recurring nightmare returned. Except for this time she was wide awake.

Find out the secret that kept Marie running for more than 30 years.

After the episode, make sure to read the book: A Tale Of Two Lives: The Susan LeFevre Fugitive Story


Lies, lies, and more lies

A few seasons ago, I asked you to submit stories about lies. Either lies that you’ve told or lies that have impacted you personally. And boy, was the response crazy! I ended up making a whole episode dedicated to lies. I want to try it again. Email me a voice memo. Chances are your story could make it on the show.


Story idea?

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