Nov 12, 2020
Bonus: Clif
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In today's episode Delia sits down for a raw one-on-one conversation with Clifton Spencer. The two dive deep into how law enforcement investigated the murder of Stacey Stanton and why the criminal justice system kept Clifton behind bars for nearly 18 years. What is Clifton's life like now? What can be done to right wrongs? That's all covered in this exclusive discussion between an investigative journalist and a convicted murderer still trying to clear his name.

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Crime Weekly
Crime Weekly
Audioboom & Main Event Media
13: The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth (Part II)
Faith Hedgepeth was born on  September 26th 1992 in Warren County North Carolina. She was part of the Haliwa Saponi Native American tribe and her parents Roland and Connie Hegepeth whose parents divorced only a few months after she was born. Her father Roland moved to Hickory North Carolina, a four hour drive away, and Faith remained with her mother and sister Roland who was eighteen years older than Faith and who felt as if she was a second mother to her baby sister. In high school Faith was very active, actively participating in many clubs and organizations as well as cheerleading, and she was also an honor student which earned her the Gates Millenium Scholarship, a program meant to promote academic excellence and provide the opportunity for outstanding minority students with significant financial need to reach their highest potential. Faith was accepted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and she and her family had high hopes for her future. Faith knew she wanted to help people, especially children, by becoming a pediatrician or a teacher, and once she completed college she would become the first member of her family to hold a college degree. Faith had her whole life in front of her, and with her intelligence, excellent people skills and big heart, she would make a positive impact on the world. But on September 6th 2012, Faith’s bright light was extinguished. She was found beaten to death in the off campus apartment she shared with her friend, Karina Rosario. Faith was naked from the waist down, her shirt had been pulled over her head, and next to her a hastily scrawled note on a fast food bag was found. The note said quote, “I’m not stupid bitch. Jealous”. Since that day, Chapel Hill police have been tirelessly trying to find the person or persons who brutally murdered Faith Hedgepeth, who was just weeks away from her twentieth birthday. To her family Faith  symbolized love and hope, to her friends she was a constant source of positive energy and fun, and the question still lingers today. Who killed Faith Hedgepeth, and why? Website: ( Instagram: @CrimeWeeklyPod Twitter: @CrimeWeeklyPod Facebook: @CrimeWeeklyPod
1 hr 28 min
Moms and Murder
Moms and Murder
Not Your Mom Media
The Henthorn Murders
This week we’re discussing the tragic death of one woman that left friends and family reeling and wanting more answers. The answers they got unraveled a sinister plot that led to a shocking twist.  Thank you to Haley Gray with for your help with the episode!  Thank you to this week’s sponsors! Save $20 off when you try HighKey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Bundle at Or save 20% off sitewide when you use our discount code MOMS -- and they guarantee that you’ll love it or your money back, so you can try their products risk-free.  Prose is the healthy hair regimen with your name all over it. Take your FREE in-depth hair quiz and get 15% off your first order today! Go to Let Sunday take the guesswork out of growing a greener, more beautiful lawn this Spring. Visit GETSUNDAY.COM/Moms to get $20 off your custom lawn plan at checkout!  We want you to start living a happier life today. As a listener, you’ll get 10% off your first month by visiting Join over 1 million people taking charge of their mental health.  Listen and subscribe to Melissa’s other podcast, Criminality!! It’s the podcast for those who love reality TV, true crime, and want to hear all the juicy stories where the two genres intersect. Subscribe and listen here:  If you’d like to support The Mom’s and get some fun perks, including bonus episodes and early release, ad-free episodes, you can check out our Patreon page at As always, you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and on our website at Make sure you subscribe and rate our show to help others find us! We updated our merch store, you can find that at!  Connect with us on social media Sources: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Murder In My Family
The Murder In My Family
AbJack Entertainment
Kevin Anthony Sanders
Episode 79 Kevin Anthony Sanders 15 Year-Old Kevin Anthony Sanders was murdered in the Chicago suburb of Cicero, Illinois on November 22, 2010. Kevin's life ended in a hail of bullets as he was taking the trash out, and he died just feet from his home. In an area that is overwhelmed with shootings and gang violence, Kevin's case remains unsolved. Police have few clues to work with but his family isn't giving up hope that the person or persons who took Kevin from them will be identified. Kevin's Mom Rosa discusses Kevin's case in this episode. If you have information about the murder of Kevin Anthony Sanders, please call the Cicero PD at 708-652-2130 or call Cook County Crime Stoppers anonymously at 800-535-7867. You can also go online by visiting To learn more about Kevin's case, visit the following Facebook pages: or Check out the good work parents in Chicago are doing to end violence in their community at: This episode is sponsored by Better Help Online Counseling and Every Plate meal delivery service. To save 10% off your first month of Better Help, visit To try Every Plate for just $1.99 per meal plus an additional 20% off your next 2 boxes, visit and enter promo code Family199 at checkout To support this podcast with a donation, you can do so via Patreon at: or through Paypal at: To contact the podcast or learn more about the case we discuss, please visit:
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Crawlspace Media
Introducing Family Ghosts
Listen and subscribe to Family Ghosts! Listen on Spotify: Or Apple: Family Ghosts is a (mostly) nonfiction show where real people investigate the truth behind myths and legends that have haunted their families for generations. These aren't ghosts with clanking chains-type hauntings (mostly) - rather, they're apocryphal stories that have been repeated over and over for decades - grandmothers who turned out to be jewel smugglers, uncles who vanished without a trace, aunts who stole corpses and hid them in undisclosed locations, parents who started cults, and much, much more. In each episode of the show, someone who feels like they might understand themselves better if they could get to the bottom of one of these mysteries tries to do exactly that, in collaboration with host Sam Dingman. Sam is a storyteller whose stories have been featured on The Moth Radio Hour, WBEZ, RISK!, and Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything, and Family Ghosts has been hailed as a critic's choice by NPR, The LA Times, Vulture, and the New York Times. Family Ghosts is a show about the presence of absent people, the long shadows they cast, and how telling their stories can help us finally step into the light. The families are real, the ghosts are (mostly) metaphorical, and the truth is always relative. Family Ghosts has just launched their fourth season with a three-episode miniseries about a woman named Kate whose father mysteriously disappears in the middle of the night in September 1987. When twelve-year-old Kate asks her family what happened, no one will tell her anything - launching her on a twenty-five year quest to figure it out on her own. Along the way, she finds temporary solace in Washington, D.C.'s emerging punk rock scene, watches as her family's story is dramatized by David Simon on primetime cable, and ultimately uncovers a shocking secret that was right under her nose the whole time. From the industrial truck farms of East Baltimore to the newsrooms of New York City to Mount St. Helens, Kate's story has all the twists and turns of a classic murder mystery, but the real journey is Kate's own attempt to understand not just what she wants to know, but why she feels like she can't rest until she knows it. If you like the episode you hear today, you can hear all three episodes in the Family Ghosts feed. The series is called A Crane in the Bay - go subscribe today!
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