Diving Deeper - Episode 2: Where's the Sugar? Discussion Questions
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In this episode, Molly and Emily start their job as magazine girls! But when they start delivering magazines to Oak Knoll Hospital, the girls are met with a chilly reception. And what’s worse, they discover that MORE items mysteriously go missing… who is behind it? 

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Reader Questions

• Why does the Red Cross need lots of oatmeal and sugar? Why are these items important to Molly’s mother?

• During World War II, certain goods, like sugar and gasoline, were scarce—so they were rationed, with limited amounts available to each household. Have you ever experienced a shortage of goods? Can you think of common items that have become scarce in the recent past?

• As Molly and Emily bike to the hospital, Molly sees a poster with the Home Front Pledge, which says: “I pay legal prices and accept no rationed goods without giving up ration stamps.” What does this pledge mean, and why is it important? 

• What is a Black Market? Why are Molly and Emily talking about it?

• Molly and Emily volunteer after school at a convalescent hospital. What is their volunteer job? Why are the patients pleased to see them?

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