Diving Deeper - Episode 4: Someone's Coming! Discussion Questions
Play • 12 min

In this episode, Molly and Emily make the journey to Greystone Manor only to find cobwebs, dark shadows, and a VERY unexpected visitor… 

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Reader Questions

  • Why is Molly concerned about the missing sugar? Do you think Molly is right to be worried, or over-reacting? What do you think might have happened to the sugar?
  • Why does Molly dread going to Greystone Manor to fetch Mrs. Currier's reading glasses?
  • How would you feel about doing an errand like this? Would you feel anxious, or curious, excited, or some other feeling?
  • At Greystone Manor, what clues do Molly and Emily find that suggest the house has been empty for quite a while?
  • Why are the girls alarmed when they see a truck drive up to the Manor?
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