Diving Deeper - Episode 1: Greystone Manor Discussion Questions
Play • 11 min

In this episode, Molly, and her best friend Emily, sign up to become magazine delivery girls together. But what was once thought to be an easy job, may have taken a turn for the mysterious. 

When the girls’ puppies Bennett and Yank happen to get loose near the abandoned Greystone Manor, they are left with a question: Did Molly just see a trick of the sun… or did a light just turn on in the basement?

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Reader Questions:

 Why is Emily living with Molly’s family? Do you think it would be fun to live with a different family in another country? Why or why not?

• Why does Emily want to learn to ride a bicycle? 

• Molly and Emily are volunteering at a hospital. Have you ever volunteered for a good cause? What was the cause, and what did you do? If you haven’t, are there causes or activities you’d like to volunteer for?

• Why are Linda and Susan worried about going to Greystone Manor? Is there a house in your neighborhood with a spooky or mysterious reputation? Would you like to learn more about it?  

• Molly and her friends see something odd at Greystone Manor. What is it, and why does it seem odd? 

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