Weeniecast: taking ADHD entrepreneurs from weenie to winning!
Weenie ADHD entrepreneur business strategist Katie McManus
Are you an ADHD entrepreneur? Are you looking for help with overcoming ADHD in business? Or do you want to start your own business but feel burdened by ADHD? Then "The Weeniecast" is the ADHD and business productivity podcast for YOU. There's a lot of BS business advice that's peddled by opportunist business coaches who just don't understand ADHD at all. My goal is to bring you my unfiltered, brutally honest, (sometimes a little too honest) insights! I've helped ADHD entrepreneurs like you to scale their revenue towards six figures in mere months. I'm currently managing to get them back 11 times their initial coaching investment. You can see the proof of this on my social media channels! And with this podcast, I'm hoping I can get you started on that same success path. Each week we cover various ADHD entrepreneur challenges including: Leadership skills Change management Learning from ADHD Meltdowns Embracing imperfections in your business Overcoming rejection sensitive dysphoria. 'Shiny object syndrome'. Time management (and why things like pomodoro technique don't work for us)... If you're an entrepreneur with ADHD (aka ADHD-preneur, aka 'weenie') then you'll be only too familiar with any of these challenges and how they can impact on your business. Do YOU allow them to get in the way of your success? If so, stop whatever you’re doing, and click the follow or subscribe button for this show on your favorite podcast app, right NOW! This is the podcast you’ve been waiting for. Hi, my name’s Katie McManus and I help entrepreneurs with ADHD to stop being weenies, and start being successful. As a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) I know how to help people like you to break through their own limiting self beliefs around their potential for growing their dream business and making seriously life changing amounts of money. Having ADHD does not mean you can’t have strategy in your business and everything you do. Each episode I’ll be sharing stories and insights which will inspire you, as a fellow ADHD person with designs on entrepreneurship to step OUT of the weenie, and IN to the winning life of a successful ADHD entrepreneur!
Weeniecast: taking ADHD entrepreneurs from weenie to winning!
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