The Only Thing That's Certain Is Change
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We’ve all heard the saying “life is short,” but if you’re truly living in the present moment, that couldn’t be further from the truth (in a good way!). Being present is our natural state, but because of the way our lives are structured, and the pervasiveness of social media, it’s become something that we have to actively practice in order to achieve. Both of us have been on challenging personal growth journeys over the past few years, not to mention the global pandemic we’re all in the midst of, and what we’ve realized is that the only thing that we can know for certain is that things are going to change. And accepting that fact is so liberating! Join us as we explore this concept, as well as the importance of not talking from wounds, remembering past versions of yourself with kindness, not waiting until you feel ready to create something, understanding the hills and valleys of mental health struggles, and the therapeutic benefits of angry squatting while listening to Ashnikko. You can find Sarah's website here. And check out  Master Your Mindset here.

If you'd like access to secret episodes, merch, and more! You can check out our Patreon here. Key Points From This Episode:

  • An element of our friendship that we love.
  • Benefits that we feel from engaging in physical activity.
  • Examples of the activities that help us to be present. 
  • How our experience of time has changed. 
  • Why social media is making people so unhappy. 
  • The personal growth journey that we have been on. 
  • The liberation that comes with the acceptance that everything is going to change. 
  • One of the most important qualities that we want to instill in our children. 
  • The illusion that was destroyed by the pandemic. 
  • You are more powerful than you know.
  • Why you shouldn’t wait until you feel ready before you create something. 
  • Putting anxiety into perspective. 
  • The value of staying connected to all versions of yourself. 
  • Hills and valleys of mental health struggles.
  • Problems that come from speaking from your wounds. 
  • You are allowed to change your mind. 



“We, as humans, want to be present, it’s our natural state to be where we are, fully present, and not projecting ourselves into the future or the past. But it’s a decision you have to make, you have to be determined and practice that.” — Emily Pennystone [0:13:23]

“The only thing that’s for sure is every fucking thing is going to change.” — Emily Pennystone [0:20:14]

“Start building some self-reliance and confidence in yourself, because you’re all so much more powerful than you realize.” — Sarah Turner [0:24:25]

“Awareness, or insight, or even confidence, comes from the act of creating.” — Emily Pennystone [0:27:38]

“It is a practice to remind yourself where you once were. And I think it is a worthy practice because it always makes me come out with more empathy.” — Sarah Turner [0:34:52]

“Just create, just do the thing, write the book, paint the painting, because you don’t know who is out there waiting to connect to something that’s going to inspire them to grow into the place where they need to be.” — Emily Pennystone

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