Why We Love Pole Dancing
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Welcome to another episode of Inner Archeology, and today we'll be talking about an exciting, intriguing, and gravity-defying form of art: Pole Dancing. Yes, pole dancing may have its roots in the backrooms of dimly-lit adult bars, but with more people embracing this curious form of art, pole dancing is now something most women would want to learn. And why not? The combination of seductive poses, steps, spins, and lifts, presents women with a beautiful opportunity to express their femininity.

Unfortunately, some people can't seem to get over the negative connotations associated with pole dancing. Yet the truth is that pole dancing is an expressive form of art just like all other types of dance. It’s an empowering and liberating expression of strength, creativity, and sensuality. Plus you have an excuse to wear eight inch heels!

Tune in to learn how pole dancing stimulates the mind, burns calories, and helps women embrace their femininity through artistic dance movements.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Is pole dancing hard? How hard can it get?
  • How women can push back against societal beliefs around women's bodies through pole dancing.
  • Why we need to acknowledge that pole dancing breaks stereotypes and empowers women.
  • Understanding and embracing the art of pole dancing.
  • How pole dancing broke into the mainstream dance and fitness movement.
  • Sarah explains how mothers can rediscover their sexuality and enjoy their bodies through pole dancing.
  • Why we need to stop the guilt and shame around pole dancing.
  • Pole dancing is not only sexy but also deeply empowering to women in a patriarchal society.
  • Ways pole dancing can improve your life, fitness, and flexibility.
  • Pole dancing is going mainstream; it's time we all acknowledged this fact.
  • Emily shares when pole dancing stops being painful as well as some unbelievably useful tips for beginners.
  • How to get comfortable really quickly once you start pole dancing.
  • Sarah shares a funny story of how her father tried to show off his pole dancing moves only to fall and almost break the pole.


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