EP. 103: Unleashing The Power of Your Voice as an Introvert with Alejandra Thompson
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If you identify as an introvert, this episode is for you. Many people come to me and tell me that it’s easy for me to get up and promote myself because I am extroverted and they can’t because they’re introverted. But that’s not true! You can achieve great things by unleashing the power of your voice as an introvert, and this week’s guest is here to help us do just that! 


In 2019, Alejandra quit her job, stuffed a backpack half her size, and purchased a one-way ticket to Peru. After cycling through 5 career paths in 6 years, she decided to stop chasing and start soul searching. After her trip to Peru, she became an intern at the age of 27 and then broke into career coaching in January of 2020. Since then, she has helped increase their salaries between $10,000 - $40,000, get promoted into their first Manager or Director level role, change careers, quit toxic jobs, and feel confident as leaders at work. Alejandra is a first-gen Latina Leadership Coach on a mission to empower Latina professionals to get promoted into leadership roles, make more money, and feel confident. She is the Founder of the coaching business, empowHER change, and lives in Miami with her fine husband and perrito, Bentley Bear.


In this week’s episode, tells us how she unlocked the power of her inner introvert and how she helps her clients do the same. Over the years, she’s been able to pinpoint what is actually holding her back and how to move past them. Insecurity and cultural conditioning play a huge part in our everyday lives, and Alejandra teaches us how to work through these issues in order to be our most authentic selves. 

Connect with Alejandra: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aihernandez/ Website: https://www.empowherchange.com/

Website: www.theerikacruz.com

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Podcast production for this episode was provided by CCST.

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